Write Your Vows

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Gemini lunation cycle (June 13 – July 12)

Crescent phase (June 16 – 19)

The Crescent phase is fertile ground for nurturing your vision. The eventual outcome of the cycle is dependent on the quality of the commitment you make during the Crescent phase. It is the phase for candle magic or to write out your intention for the cycle and place it on your altar or in a sacred/special place.
As noted on our Gemini page, the sign is associated with the tarot card, The Lovers, representing the alchemical marriage of opposites. The Ted Talk above suggests an excellent activity especially suited for this phase of this cycle. Our appreciation to Anna Maria Novosad for bringing the video to our attention.
Sitting outside in nature will improve your mental processes. Massage and/or aromatherapy are especially effective at restoring energy during this period. Treat yourself to something pleasurable over the weekend; something that inspires feelings of love and romance.
Find an overview of this Gemini lunation cycle here and here, along with a more in-depth description of the Crescent Phase here.