Notice Regarding our Moon Phase Calendars

Thank you for your interest in our calendar.

The Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Calendar is currently available online monthly in the Hawaiian Time Zone only. There is a link on that page to assist with translating the data in your Time Zone..

We love doing this work, using the language of astrology and following the rhythm of the Moon to create a mindful and meaningful life.  We developed our calendar in 1993 to assist us in our work and have been publishing it in its current formats, free monthly on-line and in an annual hard copy edition since 2004.  It was one of our greatest pleasures to expand the availability of customized time zones from 1 US time zone to 15 International time zones. However, it was a tremendous amount of work.

The future of the Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Calendar is uncertain. We are at a point in our journey where we need to take a time-out to rest and reorient. The time-out period may extend throughout the year. This is scary because we want to continue being of service to you and yet we know that we must attend to personal responsibilities first, even at the risk of losing your attention.

We value your interest in our Moon Phase Calendar and ask for your patience during this period of reorientation.

If you’d like to be advised when the calendar becomes available, please contact us.

In joyful spirit,

Sunny & David

Available in 6 US Time Zones and 9 International Time Zones


Monthly Calendar Pages have:

– Moon Void of Course times
– Moon Phase times and zodiacal degrees
– Sun, Moon and planets sign ingresses
– Handshake Days… best days for important decisions
– Mercury, Venus and Mars retrogrades

Calendar Key includes:

– How to work with the Void of Course Moon
– Suggested activities for each Moon Phase
– Tips for working with Mercury Retrograde
– Key words for the Planets and Signs
– List of planetary stations and ingresses