Astrology is the study of celestial cycles and their interrelationships. It is a symbolic language, rich in depth of meaning. It provides a diagram of themes, issues, challenges and opportunities that can be used to describe a personality, analyze relationships, understand life’s cycles and plan for the future.

We use it to align our personal rhythms with natural time by following the solar and lunar cycles.

Sandra, through semi-retired, continues to practice professionally and is available for consultation by email, phone, or in person. Please contact her if  you have a question about astrology, or are interested in a consultation, being tutored, or mentored.

Cycling through the Zodiac Signs

The Sun transits all twelve signs in a year beginning with the equinox at 0º Aries and the Moon transits all 12 signs in a month beginning with the New Moon of each sign.


Astrology Charts

Astrolabe and offer free natal charts.

This Vital Records website tells you how to obtain your birth data. Remember to ask for a timed birth certificate!

Astrology Sites of Note

Astrologers Memorial
A wonderful site memorializing astrologers who have passed on. Created by Donna Cunningham and maintained by Liz Houle.

Deborah Houlding’s site offers a wide range of reliable astrological information.

Created by astrologer Jeff Baugher and holistic professional Daniel Lally, Astrological Tai Chi turns the 12 signs of the Zodiac into a living, breathing reality that can be experienced in many profound ways.

Astrology – Numerology
This site by Michael McClain has comprehensive information on the basics of astrology and numerology.

John and Susan Townley’s Astro Cocktail
Our dear and talented friends, John and Susan Townley, provide regularly-updated Astrology News. Read the latest on what’s going on in the sky above and in the world below – planetary movements to keep an eye on, noteworthy happenings, reviews and correspondence from around the globe.

A professional astrologer for over 45 years, Lynn Koiner, shares a wealth of astrological research.

Our Favorite Astrology Bloggers

CJ Wright at Auntie Moon shares our love for all things lunar.

April Elliot Kent at Big Sky Astrology

Jessica Shepherd at

Stephanie Gailing at Planetary Apothecary

Christina Rodenbeck at The Oxford Astrologer

Margaret Koolman at

Joyce Mason at The Radical Virgo

Some of Our Favorite Astrology Books