The 6th Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo

Virgo Sun Sign dates:   August 22/23 – September 21/22

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury and noted for its practical intelligence and humble service. It is associated with attention to detail, discernment, order, and craftsmanship. Issues involving the armed services, unions, laborers, inspectors, clerical workers, employees, domestic pets, small animals, grains, clothing, public health and hygiene become accentuated during the Virgo cycle.

The house that Virgo occupies in the natal chart shows an area of life where one can over-think, find fault, and lose sight of the forest for the trees. It also shows the area where one can be especially disciplined, meticulous, refined, and helpful.

Virgo symbol: The Virgin or Woman with Harvested Grain

Virgo  glyph:

Tarot Symbolism

The sign of Virgo is associated with The Hermit card in the Tarot.

Attune to the qualities of Virgo with a 3-minute tarot meditation on The Hermit.


The Hermit holds the light for us to stay upon the path in times of darkness. He is the figure of elder wisdom; an experienced guide, well-versed in natural and spiritual law. He teaches us to make use of solitude to question our beliefs, to become conscious of universal cause–and-effect and to discern wholeness.

Confer with The Hermit whenever you need guidance.

Virgo Sits in the West-South-West on the Medicine Wheel.

The direction West-South-West points to the path of emotional intelligence. The sign Virgo correlates to Love, the third and final step on the Southern pathway of Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel. The trust developed during the Leo cycle allows you to invest yourself in service with passionate devotion.

Virgo Correspondences:

Symbol:  The Virgin

Key Phrases: “I Analyse”

Ruler:  Mercury

Element:  Earth

Quality:  Mutable

Polarity:  Yin (receptive)

Key Word:  Perfection

Relates to Angel of:  Discernment

Function/Sense:  Touch

Anatomy:  Intestines, Pancreas

Musical Tone: F

Color of the Spectrum:  Yellow-Green

Gem:  Peridot

Power Stone: Amethyst

Metal:  Pewter

Day: Wednesday

Flower:  Morning Glory, Pansy

Herbs:  Dill, Licorice

Essential Oils: Caraway, Lemon Balm, Clary Sage

Colors: Pale earth tones, slate blue, deep shades of violet and green