Aries New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Aries New Moon Mandala

22 Aries25
April 11, 2021
I Am Life: Love In Full Expression

In the Pisces Lunation cycle, and encouraged by the book ‘Into The Silent Land’ by Martin Laird, I added a breathing practice to start my Centering Prayer practice each day …. long deep breaths in followed by an exhale through the mouth as though I was breathing out through a straw – 4 times.  FYI: I learned through an Eden Engery post, also during this cycle, that this is one way to relax the Vegus nerve and calm the nerves.  Following the four deep breaths, I began to add my sacred word to the breath. Though I do change it up from time to time, my favorite word is Beloved… so ‘Be’ on the in breath and the two syllables, ‘lov-ed’, on the out breath.  Over time the two syllables coalesced into one so that what was once a three syllable word became a short sentence:  Be loved.

The Mandala

Perhaps this Aries New Moon Mandala’s most striking feature is the 12 circle Torus at its center.  “The word ‘torus’ comes from the Latin word meaning swelling.  In sacred geometry it is the first shape to emerge from the Genesis Pattern.  The torus is found in everything from atoms, to life forms and even in all cosmic bodies such as stars and galaxies.  It is aprimary shape in existence.” This is “a 3D perspective in a 2d depiction.”   ~ Colored here in white (purity) and pink (unconditional love) outlined in pink jelly role glitter ink – colors I often choose to describe the an experience of the love of God I had many years ago.

Attached to each of the 12 circles are what I would call chevron shapes.  The circle being a feminine shape, the chevron masculine – often found on military uniforms to denote rank – it is an open ended upward pointing triangle.  Placed as they are in this mandala they look like the light of the sun… so golden light it is.  This is also outlined in jelly role glitter – this time in gold.

The final shape is an egg – a beautiful shape for the spring season and the start of anything new.  (You’ll notice the Torus swells ever so slightly beyond the edges of the egg.)  I typically like to place some red in an Aries Mandala and decided on a red egg to honor Mary of Magdela.  Called the Apostle to the Apostles, she is often depicted in icons holding a red egg and an alabaster jar. If you are unfamiliar with the legend I encourage you to google it.

The background of outer ring in the blue of a nice calm spring sky.

The Month

This cycle’s ritual was two fold: “nourish and hydrate; get moving.  Lavender not only relaxes tension in the mind, but it opens the doorway for intuition and guidance to enter. Our Organic Lavender Bath and Body oil… soothes, hydrates and makes your skin more elastic and smooth.” ~Moondance Botanicals

On the movement front, I started bellydancing earlier this year with Jennifer Sobel using her Feminine Fire system.  This cycle, using the Seinfeld Strategy, I placed a red X on the calendar each day I danced and I found I danced more frequently having missed only 2 days! 

On the first day of the cycle, as I picked up this mandala from Zodiac Arts, my phone chimed to let me know I had a new affirmation on my I Am app.  Printed on the screen were the words “I am a child of God.”  Two days later I would read, “I see myself with loving eyes, and I love everything I see.”

Throughout the cycle it occurred to me:  
Beloved:  a title given to one who is greatly and dearly loved – treasured.
Be loved:  an invitation to be open to receiving love.
Be lover:  the overflowing, outpouring of the loved received.

As the cycle progressed I realized how much I miss singing, so I pulled out some old church books I have and began singing one per day… just open the book and sing whatever is on the page.  My favorite find was an old hymn called ‘The Spirit of God’ that I sang as a child.  Such a sweet tune… such a challenging text… it brought me back.

“The Spirit of God rests upon me, 
The Spirit of God consecrates me, 
The Spirit of God bids me go forth to proclaim His peace, His joy.

The Spirit of God sends me forth, 
Called to witness the kingdom of Christ among  all the nations; 
Called to proclaim the good news of Christ to the poor.
Called to console the hearts overcome with great sorrow.
Called to comfort the poor who mourn and who weep.
Called to announce the grace of salvation to all
Called to reveal the glory among all the people. “

Each verse ends in the words of Mother Mary: 
“My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior.”

~ Text: Isaiah 61:1, 2; Luke 4:18-19; Lucien Deiss, CS Sp, b 1921
Tune: Lucien Deiss, C S Sp, b. 1921
c. 1970, 1973, World Library Publication, Inc.

I was 8 or 9 when this song was first in print. I would begin playing the organ for school masses two years later, invited by one of the Sisters of the Catholic grade school I attended.  It was a gift that connected me to the people in the many areas I would live throughout my life.

Interesting… for several days near the end of the cycle my meditation candle looked as though the Paraclete, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, was perched on the edge. Red is often associated with The Holy Spirit.

“I am LIFE: Love In Full Expression”
~Sanaya, through Suzanne Giesemann

It is with great joy and in great love that we are called and sent, swelling and overflowing with the love of Christ which we continually receive as gift. I have found, through my years of ministry, I often receive more than I give. Ministry can be very physically, mentally and emotionally draining as there is always much work to do in The Kingdom.  Self-care is a must if we want to continue the work and maintain an uplifting countenance.

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day in the US.  All I can think of is if you think you had the best Mom ever and are loved more by her than can be expressed, please believe me when I tell you that the love of God is FAR. GREATER. STILL!!  Unimaginable, right?!  But true!  Trust it!  Go out on a limb if you must, but TRUST it! Loved. And, cared for… knowing, that all that is needed will be given. Lol… just as I complete this entry, my phone chimed again… the I Am app says:

In being open to receiving THAT love, that great, great love, we are filled to overflowing and become LIFE:  Love In Full Expression. 

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
Soli Deo Gloria