Cancer New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Cancer New Moon Mandala
July 10, 2021

As I had promised in my last post, I wanted to spend this week with Sunny’s final 2 mandalas. I didn’t get to them at the time she created them because we were in the process of moving.  I have to say, I’m feeling a resistance to completing them.  Not sure if it’s just the finality of it, or the wondering “What next?” “Do I know enough to move forward on my own?” or, more likely, a combination.  I post this Cancer New Moon Mandala today with gratitude to Sunny who has given me so much.  The Leo New Moon Mandala, however, is not settling and will need to wait.  The plan is to complete them both before the Capricorn lunation cycle ends.

This mandala is colored just as it came to me… chaotic water, coloring outside the lines above but a sold, beautiful, symmetrical plan patterned within. The eye was very prominent. Someone is watching.  The moment I saw it and without any analysis of the geometry, this mandala spoke to me of a deep abiding presence in the midst of chaos.  I guess it spoke to me as such because life was a little chaotic at the time. Yet, with all the unknowns of that time, there was, and always is, an undergirding of absolute knowing, trust and faith that all was, indeed, well. Sure, I will spin out from time to time… we all do, but The Presence is always… present.

The week before Sunny drew this mandala, Lovie and I took a trip to Chicago to find a place to live that would be close to the new job he would be starting in August.  We connected with a lovely realtor who made house hunting feel like we were doing it with our best friend!  We looked at several houses but left unexcited by what we saw.  There were a couple of houses where they decided to rent to someone they knew.  I wasn’t worried. I told the realtor I felt as though our house was not yet on the market which turned out to be true. The Thursday after we left, an email popped in my inbox from one of the websites I was using to find available rentals.  The email was posting the availability of a house 15 minutes from Lovie’s new job. How perfect! And the pictures looked amazing!  Before I could call our realtor, she called me with the news that the two houses we had seen, mentioned above, came back to the table. Were we were still interested?  I told her I was more interested in the house that was mentioned in the email I received earlier that morning.  She told me it was really off the grid as it wasn’t popping up on her usual tools.  She went to check it out and the owner met with her.  People were moving out of downtown Chicago and into the burbs… others were, like us, moving into the area from elsewhere. Others still were moving out to a new location all together.  It was a really crazy time for real estate and for the games people play to get what they want.  It was also a big year for moving companies.  Long story short, by the end of the day no games were played and we were signing a lease agreement. It is, truly, the perfect place for us!  

The move to Texas from Jersey 16 months earlier was far more dramatic!  That move occurred just as COVID was closing things down.  We closed on our house a day early and hit the road.  The next day the Governor closed New Jersey.  Thankfully, our things were already packed and on the way to Texas but with no designated destination.  Driving down it was like Moses parting the Red Sea. No traffic to speak of. Everyone was off the road. As we came across the river from Louisiana, a large billboard proclaimed,” If you’re coming into Texas from Louisiana, effective Monday (the next day), you must quarantine for 14 days.”  Luckily it was Sunday night and I had an appointment with a realtor the next morning.  Dallas County had closed down and wasn’t showing at all, so the west side of the airport was the only option.  I was actually drawn there to begin with so that was no disappointment.  Now, Lovie, is 6’5” tall.  The first house we saw looked very promising.  I had crossed it off the list early in the process because the backyard didn’t appear to be very private, but I told the realtor to show us everything that was available even if I had crossed it off the list.  The other house was closer to work but much too small for Lovie – truly a Hobbit House.  It would not work  Yes. Only two houses were available, only one was remotely viable.  That made the decision pretty easy so we applied for the 1st house.  The truck was landing on Wednesday and we needed more time.  Typically it takes three days to process an application.  I got a call from the driver on Tuesday saying he’d like to deliver on Thursday instead of Wednesday if that would be ok. Absolutely!  No problem!  We were approved on Wednesday and moved in on Thursday.  

No matter how uncertain things are… there is a plan, though we may not know it.  There is a path, though we may not see it.  There is, however, a Presence who does know.  So I stay the course as I am guided… moving forward…  and trying not to be too hard on myself if (or more likely when) I spin out. It’s okay.  Really it is. Have faith…trusting the process…  and The Presence.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx