Capricorn New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Capricorn New Moon
23♑️ 13
January 13, 2021
Listen to Your Heart

This mandala is not the typical Capricorn Mandala.  I usually color them in dark blues… like the darkness of mid-winter.  This however, is not the typical Capricorn Mandala.  This one feels like so much hopeful, burgeoning potential in a microscopic dot ready to just burst open! The winds of change are blowing and anything, ANYTHING is possible.  

Green Square – earth gives us an anchor… supports and grounds us lending a quality of stability. 

Bright Golden Triangle – Nobility, Sovereignty, Dignity, Divinity. 

Both Square and Triangle reach to the outer edge and tether the potential and the chaos found inside.  

7 petaled “flow-er”. This shape is created with one line from beginning to infinity… in peach – the color of compassion.

The star I thought at first in a subdued yellow… yellowed ochre perhaps? But then, was drawn to the blue.  Blue flames are intense… hotter than red, orange or yellow. 

At the center, a red core – the heart if you will… you can almost hear it beating.  Red, like the garnet of Capricorn.  Garnet invites us to ignite our passion and let that drive our decisions.  You’ll note that the ”winds of change” emanate from this core.

The 5 purple orbs… these were always purple but with an attempt to add at a bit of light reflecting in the bubble’s edge.  When it was completed, I had wished I had played a bit more with the placement… some behind the star perhaps…??  They seem to dance around the star. These orbs represent thoughts… thought seeds… the things great dreams are made of… things yet to come and glisten with the light of possibility.

The background/the outer ring… the warmth of a well stoked hearth fire at mid-winter.

The outer most ring reminds me of a cell membrane… or the shell of a seed. And the waves… the “winds of change?”  Both in Gold… the color of something precious… treasured… and refined, purified wisdom.

I began and ended the cycle feeling the same… a physical sensation of overwhelm but not overwhelmed. Odd, I know. Selfcare so important these days.

Each year two words come to me to guide the year. One is the word for the year and the other is a challenge word. You might recall that I had shared my word for the year 2021, actually a short phrase this year (Soli Deo Gloria –  to God alone be the glory) which came very early on 1 December. I had been waiting for the other to arrive. On the first day of the Capricorn New Moon it arrived through Jennifer Crokaert.  
My challenge word?  Simplicity. 
Followed by the question: Are you being love?

This cycle’s primary activity manifested in caring for where I live… in my home and in this body, the vehicle of my Spirit.  I am a follower of Clean Mama and am fine-tuning the art of tending to our home.  My house has never looked so good!  Such a feeling of peace and calm. It’s simple and wonderful!! I also joined an online dance group.  Great exercise and so much fun!  And, I finally created my dream book… a place to artistically play with dreams this year.  It has been a very busy cycle.

I often marvel at how the most perfect things come to me on the last days of the cycle.  That is often why I wait to post.  I leave you with this sharing from Jane Jennings received through Pam Younghans on Facebook.  It seems to be a beautiful description of the movement of this mandala:

“Loves, I know so many of you are struggling right now, I send you so much love to hold you. Do you get carried with the wave or find the stillness in the shift? 

Please remember that whatever you are doing is more than enough. We are going through a major transition, not just with what’s going on in the every day world, but internally too. We can feel a bit like a seed trying to burst through the many layers of a shell, that we have out grown and been contained in for so long.

Rest dear one, if only for a moment, for only for a breath. Breathe into the shift, the change. Know deeply you are safe and well. Know in your heart nothing is permanent that everything changes, breathe.

We only get stuck when we feel there is no way out. There is, there will be change and in all transformation there is chaos, a falling apart. It’s in the chaos that great dreams are formed.

Let it all fall away, trust your guidance, your gut, your internal compass.
Become the seed of your tomorrow by listening to your heart. xxx”

I, too, send so much love to hold you as you navigate these times. 
Allow the chaos to fall away.
Allow your great dreams to form and bubble up. 
Trust your guidance, your gut, your internal compass.
Listen to your heart. Follow its lead. 
It knows the way. 

Love, Hugs, and Blessings, 
Soli Deo Gloria