Gemini New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Gemini New Moon Mandala
May 30, 2022
Be Rooted

“Change is the key work for this New Moon. 
This is a transformative time, uncomfortable, challenging,
dramatic, intense and strangely inspiring.”
~ Lena, The Power Path

There’s something very healing about this cycle each year. I have noticed it before. The focus is on communication… speaking and listening… whether it is communication between people or between the mind and the body.  What is planted in the heart – what we tell ourselves –  is tremendously important. It is the ground from which springs our words and deeds.  In terms of internal dialogue, it is the difference between self care and self destruction which colors every interaction we have.

This cycle contained event after event… seeing, witnessing, acknowledging, clearing, cleasing the fertile or not so fertile soil in which I plant the ME seed.  It started with a trip to visit our son in Salt Lake. I often like to watch movies on the plane.  It’s a bonus if it’s one I’ve not seen.  A Pixar movie called “Luca” caught my eye.  Through the movie I learned how to talk to the nay-saying “Bruno” in my head – a helpful “Yes, I Can” precursor to this cycle.


While visiting, we were exploring and falling in love with a new city… and being shown how similar and yet different it can be from place to place. There are lots of squares in Salt Lake.  And, oh the rules. Lol… We were turned away from a 21+ bar and restaurant because I didn’t have my ID with me. Those of you who know me know I am WELL BEYOND 21.  Note to self… when in Utah, always carry your ID.

While in Salt Lake I picked up some wonderful symbols in the concrete and the architecture.  As I said, lots of squares.  I found a square-like hexagon, shown twice in the mandala, as a reminder of the shape I saw stamped in the concrete of the sidewalk. As mentioned last cycle, Six is symbolic of Home… the place where opposing opinions, views, ideas, etc. are at peace and in harmony with one another. Lord knows we need this SO very much!  Six is still a strong harmonic for this cycle and I love this square-like quality lending the peace and harmony of opposites… of 6… even more structure… making it more sturdy…. more stable… truly foundational. 

During this cycle I attended a free Wealth and Well-Being 8 Day challenge through Donna Iona Drozda at Wren House Studio that I found to be very enlightening as well as other healing connections that reminded me of my value and strengthened my sense of self.  Here are some highlights: 

9 Thought Bubbles

I drew 9 interlocking “thought bubbles” into the mandala. As I contemplate them, they remind me of the ups and downs of life… so often felt as dying and rising… the looping flow in gold, the color of 9 – the number of endings and beginnings… of dying and rising which occurs many, many times in large and small ways in one’s physical lifetime.


I am reminded of something a yoga teacher once said, 

“The more deeply rooted you are the higher you can fly.” 
~ Bella Luna, via Teddy

The best way to navigate the ups and downs of life is to be rooted so that we can respond in thoughtful and intelligent ways instead of reacting. Be rooted!  Be. Rooted! This came to me in many ways during the cycle… to name a few:  simply walking barefoot on the grass… an Eden Energy Technique called “spooning the feet” with a stainless steel spoon and Breathing is a Prayer by John Roedel is found on his Facebook Page. Do check him out on Facebook and his new website. Beautiful, heartfelt words!

On the day of the new moon we were out exploring and visited the beautiful Red Butte Garden.  It was actually lightly raining that day, but the rain didn’t get the best of us.  Beauty, in its many forms, grounds me… brings me joy… as does the creating of mandalas, and the synthesizing of this journal entry each cycle. In the 8 day challenge on Wealth and Wellbeing, I tapped into words I live by, “We will have what we need when we need it,” an alternate wording of “give us this day our daily bread” found in the Lord’s Prayer. Later in this cycle I created this acronym on Abundance:

The square in the mandala is representative of earth.. the ground on which we walk… the home on which we live.  This collage, which I created during the 8 Day Challenge, is now my screen saver.  It is a daily check point… What roots me? How rooted do I feel? What work needs to be done today so when the storms of life come, I can stand firm? 

“You become what you pray.”
~ Anonymous 
via Carl McColman 

I set another sight meditation that sits on my home altar. 

I chose these seeds to plant in my heart: 
Angelica: Inspiration ~ Calendula: Health~ Chamomile: Comfort
Hyssop:  Cleansing ~ Lilac:  Joy of Youth ~ Lovage:  Strength
Oregano: Joy, Happiness ~ Parsley: Gratitude ~ Sage:  Wisdom
Thyme:  Courage ~ Yarrow:  Healing; to dispel melancholy and heartache, sorrow, healing of wounds.  The heart is pink quartz for self love for what I have within myself (good or bad) I share with others.

It is so easy to forget… so I set a reminder in the app “Alarmed” to remind me daily that I am “a spiritual being having a human experience”(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) i.e. that I am more than this body and my true nature is, indeed, love.  Practice, practice, practice… until you don’t have to think about it…. the knowing is just there:

“I am Love, feeling peaceful and spacious.  
It is my true nature.”  
~ Kelly Goetz

And another reminder at the end of the day says  

“Infinite Love and Gratitude”
~ Kelly Goetz

For we are infinite love, beautifully luminous, and nothing lightens the heart quite like gratitude.

Star – 7

During the 8 Day Challenge I came face to face with a long held fear… the fear of being alone in the world.  It is not always present but it has bubbled up from time to time throughout my life… especially during these Covid years. Though Lovie is in perfect health I have begun to worry about what will happen to me when he passes. We are on “the back side of the mountain,” so to speak, and women most often outlive men.  I have come to know that the world can be so terribly cruel. However, I am also favored by the company of tremendously courageous women… so many of them… who grab life by the hand and run!  Or perhaps dance is a better visual for some?  They are an inspiration to me!  I am at peace because of their example… knowing, in the event he should pass before me, I will be more than okay.  A recent license plate reminded me of this.  I had to laugh at the addition of the 7!  Seven is the primary energy of the cycle found at the center of the mandala as the star.  Seven = inspiration.  The mountains around Salt Lake are triangular in shape… also symbolically and otherwise inspirational!  When one is open, so many things come… to lift and support, and guide… and yes, sometimes to make us laugh.

This hangs in my office just in case the nay-sayer “Bruno” pops in for a visit:

And, from Pixar’s “Luca”, here is a description of how he is to be addressed.

Through the series of events experienced during this cycle I finally feel as though I have returned hOMe… I am myself once again… though perhaps a different version.  I know myself better… I am experiencing peace and joy running through my veins as embodied love…  deeply rooted, concerned about world events, yes, but not swept up into the chaos and crisis. Time will tell… but, I feel as though I am well on my way to becoming a “Woman In Total Control of Herself. LOL… I totally love this song by Devon Cole- very clever!!!!  And, I do love clever words!!  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the song!  Out July 7.

To know one’s self.. to be in control of one’s self… is a great treasure. It roots us… grounds us…. allows us, not to react, but to respond in thoughtful and intelligent ways.  Find what grounds you. Be Rooted. And fly!!!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx