Gemini New Moon-Solar Eclipse Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse
June 10, 2021
Unity in Diversity

“On this New Moon and Solar Eclipse day, use the spirit of a new beginning and a new cycle to get inspired by something positive you wish to grow. Be careful not to seed anything from a place of anger or negativity and forgive anything of the past that stands in your way of feeling really good. There is tremendous movement during this time. And, even if we are not yet through the tunnel, we can begin to see the light.” ~ Power Path

Tools for the Journey:

Hawthorn ~ “Think with your heart.”

A heart healer:  Hawthorn Extract – “Use a dropper full at the beginning of your spiritual practice to help become more receptive and open to the finer energies all around us.  Alternately, use it on a regular basis for overall cardiovascular and heart health.” ~ Moondance Botanicals. 
My favorite is ‘Peace and Love Potion’ from Sister Sage – “Think with your heart.” 

Gemini Tea: Nourish Your Brain Blend from Mystic Crow aids in “thinking with your heart.”

A couple of my favorites for this cycle: Blue Lace Agate and Botswana Agate. Gotta love those stripes!

Throat Chakra – Sodalite (Speak your truth)
Agates (balance),
Fluorite (find peace within), 
~ Daily Crystal Inspiration Guidebook
Watermelon Tourmaline (super activator of the heart chakra, brings cooperative energies of love into difficult emotional situations and allows one to keep perspective.
~ Power of the Rainbow

“Let me see the brighter side of life.  Let the joy of laughter enter my life everyday, bringing happiness and healing to my heart.” 
~Crystal Journey Candle: Laughter (yellow)

NOTE:  I saw a license plate this past weekend:  LOL HA HA – not quick enough to snap a pic but sure put a smile on my face!

“This is the perfect time to fill your life with reminders and affirmations of your strengths, blessings, gifts and all the magic that fills your life. You deserve as much brilliance, love and joy as you can hold!”
~Moondance Botanicals
The 8 Day Challenge by Wren House Studio asked me to consider my gifts as well.  ~

The Mandala

From the get go this Gemini New Moon Eclipse Mandala felt red, white and blue… stripes are a Gemini “tool.” (Auntie Moon) 

“red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.” 

I added the gold as it often adorns the American Flag 
Gold:  The color gold is cousin to the color yellow and the color brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. 

And for the background, Yellow – a well known color for Gemini.
Yellow:   …yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy… ~ Bourne Creative

The five orbs from the Capricorn Mandala earlier this year have now joined forces and create the nucleus at the center of this mandala as well as the pure and precious center in white. The remaining parts of the orb are in purple, a shade darker than the orbs of Capricorn.  These orbs are maturing, joining together and speak of the unity and cohesiveness of Higher Mind.

Next the  8-pointed star… much like a compass rose says, “This is where We send this message: EVERYWHERE!”

Five rings, like a stone dropped in water or, in more Gemini-like parlance, the sound of a bell traveling the air waves, these rings echo this proclamation of the Higher Mind.  

Two Five-pointed stars, in red and white, join in the mission.
I typically think of 5 as change… getting out of a rut.  In Chaldean numerology, however, 5 is the numeric value of Unity in Diversity – truly an ancient concept. 
More here:

Next, a six pointed star – here in blue, heaven and earth are joined as one in peace.

Typically, a square on pointe would speak to me of instability.  I was encouraged during the 8 Day Challenge this cycle to think of it as Diamond:

“This diamond motif is seen throughout the ages and cultures. For our purposes, we look again to the Futhark for symbolic insight where this is known as the Ingwuz rune and is the foundational geometric symbol of creation. Indeed, ancient European tribes deemed this symbol to represent the literal image of the birth canal or female reproductive system. So, literally, this symbol means creation of life.

Interestingly, this lozenge is seen in the Native American symbolic language as a symbol for wind and I’ve written more on this aspect here.

This diamond symbol is also found in alchemical philosophies. Metaphysically speaking, this foundational image tells of creativity that is expressed by the culmination of the four elements: Four sides indicating earth, fire, air, and water.”


The culmination of this cycle was a very recent trip to Thanksgiving Park in Dallas, TX where I found Unity in Diversity and Higher Mind very much on display. A must see if you’re ever in the area!  Here are a couple of meaningful pictures from thanksgivingsquare:

The Golden Rule by Norman Rockwell in mosaic
The Glory Window
set in the ceiling of the Thanksgiving Chapel, the path winding ever higher

Nothing speaks to me more of unity in diversity than The United States of America.  Many states, one country.  Widely diverse people, one nation.  Such a paradox… and also a tremendous vision.  Though feeling very divided of late, the American vision is truly one of unity.  Each is encouraged to do our part to heal our hearts, opening our minds, calm our fears and bring our gifts to the table for the good of all.  Are we perfect? No. Have we room to grow? No doubt. I know I certainly do. Recent events pointed that out to me most assuredly.  All I can do is start with me… working to heal my heart, open my mind, calm my fears and be open to encountering others as I would like to be encountered by them.  Diversity in Unity is not tolerance.  It is “a more complex unity based on the understanding that difference enriches human interactions.” ~Wikipedia

Unity in Diversity is… a beautiful way forward.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx
Soli Deo Gloria