Leo New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Leo New Moon
August 18, 2020
Holy One-ness ~ Sacred Unity

As light, bright and forward moving as the Cancer New Black Moon was last cycle, the energy of this Leo New Moon was  more like “one step forward two steps back.”  Yes, one forward… two back.  Oddly uncharacteristic for Leo energy.  Personally, I felt the need for grounding and this mandala is a perfect example of this expression.  

Though I’m certain not intentioned by its creator, once again, “all I could see” was the tree… symbolizing earth, grounded-ness, rootedness, solidity… the very things I craved.  Rooted, yet stretching and reaching for the sun… to light and life.  And not just any tree by the by… a pine tree… an Evergreen… always green. (Well, except in the fall when it sheds a few of those golden needles. Then it’s mostly green, but you get the picture. Lol) Pine trees endure through the harshest conditions without losing color or form.  They also symbolize longevity, and the wisdom and peace that come along with that longevity.  Oh, the peacefulness of a new fallen snow covering everything.  OH, SO beautiful! Quiet. Still. Did I mention beautiful?  Sigh…

In the outer circle we find eight points: power, expansion, ambition, will, strength; in the form of sun: fire, light, passion, expression, and, as mentioned, life.  Sun is also a symbol for Leo. And, blue sky… no clouds.  Clear sailing!  😉

In between the two is a smaller purple circle, expressing a sacred unity, a holy one-ness holding and acknowleding these opposing elements with grace, humility and tenderness.

Flowers typically get center stage in my interpretations of Sunny’s mandalas but this one felt different, more energetic in nature.  Seven, a sacred number: spiritual, meditative, nature-loving, quiet, analytical… a representation of pure energy/Universal Energy/Creator Energy that flows throughout… both Earth and sky and everything betwixt and between… connecting it all… flowing through it all.  As above, so below… as within, so with out.  Holiness… Sacredness… Unity…. EVERY-WHERE!  The colors are patterned after one of my favorite tee shirts on which is printed one word:  Breathe.

Supporting me this cycle were the Holy Ones, as always, this time gifting me with Garnet and questions about lighting my fire and bringing more passion to the less exciting areas of my life.  Though I love to cook and bake, of late it has been feeling more like drudgery.  I decided to try my hand at a couple of new recipes particularly favored by my Lovie.  This experience breathed some “life” into my cooking, not to mention scoring some serious brownie points!

As I mentioned on the Facebook page, a surprising gift came to me this cycle:  

Moonflowers which tell me we rise to the occasion in challenging times… metaphorically, we bloom in the dark – a personal interpretation.   This plant came up out of nowhere on the opposite side of the gate which is between a flower garden and the driveway – so growing literally in the driveway.  I know there must be more symbolism I need to unpack here…   We’re new to the property we are renting and I leveled the poor plant once thinking it was a weed. But it came back and is blooming beautifully. Mom has asked for seeds and is already making plans to share them.  Such joy already being shared through this little, precious gift.   

During these very challenging times, no matter how dark it appears to be, choose to bloom.  Be rooted. Stand tall. Reach for the sky.  Spend time in the beauty of nature, meditate, pray, create, –  be it art of some kind or a fine meal.  Try that recipe you’ve been looking at and make it a special occasion.  Spoon your feet!  Check out Elsie Kerns’ new YouTube video on the subject!  It’s a  great tool for grounding!  Find the reason you get out of bed in the morning knowing with every fiber of your Be-ing you are an important part of the Holy One-ness… the Sacred Unity of all that is.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx