Libra New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Libra New Moon Mandala
September 25 – October 24
Stay With It

This is how the quotes came to me this cycle in the order they arrived.  I invite you to read them and let them wash over you:

“I see the magic in every soul.
I value and respect the thoughts, ideas and passions of all.
A true friendship should be treasured like a rare gem.”
~Reiki Energy Carged Candle

WIZDOM license plate

“A friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of nature.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Boston Legal S4 finale

Sabian Symbol Libra 3: 
The ever-present possibility of beginning again on
a new foundation of values.
An Astrological Mandala
Dane Rudhyar

With Virgo we learn that we can only go so far on our own. 
In Libra we come to know we need an “other” if 
we are to grow.  
Polish the mirror.
~ Unknown

“It is not our job to remain whole.  
We came to lose our leaves like the trees 
and be born again, 
drawing up from the great roots.
~ Robert Bly

“Be in the stillness of your Heart, 
know that you are a multidimensional being 
having a human experience. 
Your Heart is your sacred tool, 
the way Home.”
~ Christine Day
via Pam Younghans/FB

“Just let go.
Let go 
of how 
you thought 
your life should be, 
and embrace 
the life that 
is trying 
to work its way into
your consciousness.”

End any passion-killing deals you’ve made and 
open to what feeds your spirit.  
Release any preconceived notions about your life and 
who you think you should be and 
align with what is here now, 
even tiny seeds that you can barely feel.  
More will be revealed…
~ Lisa E. Zimmerman

An affirmation came “out of nowhere” on Alexa one morning.
It struck a chord:
“I believe in myself and trust my own wisdom.”
~ Alexa

Connecting the dots: this resurfaced from the Aries cycle… interesting:

is simply
allowing the will and
the mind to align and move
in harmony.  May I always
Focus on the Highest.
My intention is that
all God’s wishes
for me come true.
~ Tosha Silver

What we heal in ourselves, 
heals the world. 
~ Shannon Gill

Conflict of opinions or questioning the narrative. 
Stand in your truth without polarizing or judging. 
~ Shannon Gill

No, the pain is always there. 
The challenge is to not try to make it go away. 
Fighting it is a problem. 
We fight to try and change the past or push it away. 
But, the pain is part of who we are… 
if we had denied it there would’ve been no progress. 
It’s not easy,
but nothing of value is.
Bones S10 E7

“Even a wounded world is feeding us. 
Even a wounded world holds us, 
giving us moments of wonder and joy. 
I choose joy over despair. 
Not because I have my head in the sand, 
but because joy is what the earth gives me daily 
and I must return the gift.”
~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, 
Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

We are part of nature and its brilliance reflects ours.
Remind yourself of that every time you marvel at
something beautiful in nature,
It’s holding up the mirror for you to see your own beauty.
~Lisa Mase
Harmonized Living

“End well.”
Hospice Nurse Julie

Note:  I’m fine! I follow Hospice Nurse Julie and these words just spoke to me.😉

“On Being Your Beautiful Self”
Above all, be at peace. 
Choose peace for however long you can. 
It is possible to choose calmness, 
even in the midst of chaotic thoughts. 
Show your most powerful and beautiful self 
whenever you feel the opportunity presenting itself.”
~Sheila Reynolds and The Guides/Mind Matters

The healthy six-year-old (within) is not afraid 
and she speaks her heart-mind without fear of reprimand. 
She thumbs her nose at those who try to keep her small and invisible. 
And she has good reason…
she came here to 
create, and 
contribute her gifts and talents, 
and anyone who thinks that it’s their job to direct her course 
better move outta the way!! 
She is flowing gently down the stream!! 
Her life 
HER dream!!
~ Donna Iona Drozda
Free 8 Day Challenge

I cannot help but feel this is THE LESSON/Gift for the coming year:
“To stay with a broken heart,
with a rumbling stomach,
with the feeling of hopelessness 
and wanting to get revenge—
that is the path 
of true awakening.”
Pema Chödrön
To stay with it… get to know it… what is it trying to tell/teach you?

“We allow ourselves to love 
because it’s worth the risk
even though there is the chance of loss or hurt
we take the leap again and again
because love is one of the best parts of being alive
we don’t do it because it’s easy
we do it because 
makes everything brighter”
~ Yung Pueblo via Derek Hough

I cannot help but feel these are somehow the seeds of a new day dawning… a new way forward.  As you read, the quotes are predominantly on friendship and keeping what’s important in focus.  

Four is once again the dominant harmonic.  Unlike last cycle also a four-cycle, this cycle is foundational … of gathering the pieces that will lay the new foundation for a new way of being… a new way of living… perhaps in a completely new direction?  New can be confusing… discomforting… uneasy. The mandala is like pieces of a puzzle finding their way to their place… their specific spot.  Or a mosaic, where the piece must find it’s perfect fit. The pieces must first be sorted by color… by shape and then the work can begin.

Pastels have been speaking to me all year.  Personally, I tend to gravitate to bolder colors, but this year… this year has been, for me, about endings and beginnings… of softening and healing… and pastels are certainly that… soft with a gentle energy perfect for this cycle.   And although this mosaic may feel chaotic there is an underlying benevolence (represented by the triangle)… and inspiration… that supports, uplifts and guides even in the craziest of times… a nudge that moves us forward from the unknown in a state of not knowing with the assurance that all is well… that all is as it is meant to be.  Have faith. Trust. Stay open. Everything will land in its proper place at its appointed time. Breath… be patient… be kind… keep moving forward… keep friends close. Take your time… and stay with it.

Love, Hugs, and Blessings,
Lxoxxx 🧡🍁

In Memoriam
Sandra “Sunny” Mosely 
September 1, 1945 ~ October 19th, 2021
the 1st Anniversary of her passing. 

“To live in the hearts we leave behind
Is not to die.” 
~Thomas Campbell