Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

The passing our our dear Sunny creates change for us… for those who loved her and love her still. What this means for the Journal is yet to be seen. I have no doubt the helping hands from above had a hand in what I am about to share.

October always gives us a gift… lets us in on what’s coming forward in the coming year. I’ve learned to pay attention in October to what comes to me. One year ago this past October, I asked Sunny to teach me how she creates her mandalas… part chart reading… part intuition. So I began to learn about astrology charts and we talked about how she created the New Moon Mandala each cycle. Then it got busy as I was preparing to move. Little did I know at the time why I would want to know how she did what she did so beautifully. I am so grateful for the time we had on so many levels. I still want to color and write about the last two mandalas she created. As I mentioned I was busy with a cross country move at the time but I want to honor her by completing them sometime after the holidays now that things have settled in and down. And, some time after the first of the year I will also want to have a conversation with her beloved David, to see what his intentions are for the website. I don’t want to make assumptions and the holidays are rarely the time for such conversations. In the meantime, we wish her family well and hold them in love and light.

And as the sun goes down on this first day of winter I offer this, my first mandala – hopefully of many, as a gift to you. Print it out… carve out 10 minutes, or more if you are able, and consider what light you bring to your little corner of the world. It need not be a grand gesture… it can be as simple as greeting everyone you meet with a smile. Even though it is covered by a mask, a smile is still recognizable. The eyes are windows as we know.

Consider sharing your art and your findings this cycle on Lynne’s Mandala Journal FB page. I look forward to seeing you there and reading about your findings!’s%20mandala%20journal

Wishing you the love and the light of the season!
Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx