Sagittarius New Moon~Solar Eclipse Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse Mandala
December 4, 2021
Give Me a Word

For the past 10 years a sacred word has guided my path for a given year.  I cannot say that I choose the word, rather it chooses me.  It started as simply choosing an Angel Card from a bowl while at a retreat for the New Year at a local retreat house.  Later, the word came to me through a free, 12 day, online mini retreat called “Give me a Word” offered by Abbey of the Arts.  When the sacred word comes across my path it takes me so completely that I cannot deny it.  Some words have terrified me… so much so that I wanted to change them. Others have been very gentle and consoling… often comforting.  The Word given to me for 2022 grabbed me this past October.  October always bears a gift – something we’ll need for the coming year.  I’ll try to remind you to keep a small book to make notes of what comes across your path when the month draws near. In October of 2020, and upon my request, Sunny began to teach me how she creates her monthly, new moon mandalas. I had no idea then that the time spent with her would be so important. I cannot say that I fully comprehend her process, but that time with her was a gift that I now treasure.  Now that she is among the Holy Helpers and Mighty Companions she will surely guide me and help me find my way.

My sacred word for 2022 came to me through an 8 Day Challenge given by Donna Iona Drozda.  Those of you who have taken the challenge know what a gift are those 8 days.  As in years past, Donna shared the Navajo blessing during the challenge… I walk in Beauty.  You can google the blessing or find it here.

The blessing grabbed me this year and completely took hold of me.  I could not deny it.  I walk in beauty… And, as I sit now to write and share, I contemplate this phrase, shortened to Beauty,  I feel beauty above me, below me, before me, behind me, to my left and to my right… and within me.  Like a fish swimming in water, I am surrounded by beauty and it literally breathes me. Within and about me, beauty will guide my days, my seasons, my words, my actions, my relationships, my interactions, my choices.  Beauty softens my being and I am at peace.

Joining me on this annual journey for many years has been a saint and a prayer.  This year the prayer came with the Word and I will endeavor to lift it up daily.  The saint for 2022 came to me in early December during an online retreat offered by Abbey of the Arts.  I look forward to delving into Mary’s many names and titles when Christine Valtners Painter’s new book, Birthing the Holy, becomes available on April 8th.  Until then, I will endeavor to settle into a new routine.  The unpacking is nearly done.  The daily is pretty well settled… now to add in the creative/spiritual component – something I have not yet given time to as my studio was not settling into a functional space. Having found the perfect storage boxes I’m getting there!  My son is visiting and will help me put together a new drawer for my sewing table that was damaged in the move.  I must also thank him for teaching me how to embed a link into a word in a post. The simplest of things gives me such joy!!!

You’ll notice the mandala I created for this cycle is not yet colored – and I still want to revisit Sunny’s final two mandalas. I have carved out the second week of January to work on those. With the holidays and caring for guests, there has been no time to color.  Slowly but surely things are coming together and the way will be shown.  May my eyes, my heart and my mind be open to the path laid before me.  And, may it be filled with Beauty.

Wishing you the blessings of the new year!
Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx