Scorpio New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

c 2015 Lynn M. Keefer

Scorpio New Moon Mandala
November 11
I Transform

It is always interesting to see how different people work with mandalas. Some like to set an intention and color them at the beginning of the cycle, then work with that intention using the mandala they created as a focal point. Based on that model I seem to work backwards. I prefer to roll with the cycle, remaining open to what comes, and then color the mandala in the Balsamic, or final phase. In this way, the mandala then is more representative of what actually occurred in my life.

The key phrase for the Scorpio cycle is “I Transform.” The colors associated with Scorpio are Red and Black. Near the end of the last cycle I came across a Native American Medicine Wheel on the Zodiac Arts website . Wanting to know more about this practice, I found Sun Bear’s Medicine wheel and as my mind likes to do, I started voraciously reading. The name of the moon for this cycle, according to the visions of Sun Bear, is the Freeze Up Moon. Interesting…two days into this cycle a temperature shift arrived and was found to be markedly colder. The animal associated with this cycle is the snake. In the early stages of this cycle of transformation, I had some fun putting together a collage of snakes shedding their skins – certainly a transformational time for Snake having outgrown and shedding the old. But more than any other symbol, Broom totally captivated me.

The Mandala: I Transform

c 2015 Lynn M. Keefer

© 2015 Lynn M. Keefer

Scorpio is associated with sex, death and rebirth. In past years I have work with reds, black and shades of gold as these colors, as mentioned, are associated with Scorpio. But, because of my experience this past cycle, I chose to work with blue green – the color of the spectrum associated with Scorpio. Like this cycle for me, the mandala took on a totally different character. Red and black together are often associated with desire and passion. Blue-green, however, is the color of the High Heart. The High Heart Chakra is located between the Heart and Throat chakras. Like the Base of the Throat Chakra it is an important activator of higher consciousness.

Symbols found in this mandala, then:

Two-six pointed stars. Six pointed stars can be representative of the six attributes of God – power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice.

The interior star is created by 6 interlocking magenta hearts.

There are eleven interlocking hearts in the outer ring. Eleven, the first of the master numbers, is associated with wisdom of a higher nature. Take note of the mandorlas, those almond shaped “doorways” created by the interlocking of the hearts – (daliah purple at the interior, and light aqua in the outer ring.) A doorway of another kind would bring healing near the end of the cycle.

Eight is also a common number found in this mandala. There are eight concentric circles and eight triangles created by looping a line. If we do the math, 8 is also found in the hearts 6+11=17, reduced 1+7=8) Eight…cosmic Christ, infinity.

Very prominently around the center we find a large square – here in blue. A yoga teacher once shared that the higher one attempts to fly the more one needs to be grounded. With all the higher ideals represented, the large square here reminds us to anchor to earth before reaching for the sky (or these higher ideals ;-).

The Month

Can I tell you once again, how much I am LOVING my monthly lunar tea experiences! (For those who may be interested: ) For less than the cost of a one day retreat each month, I receive a tea and a spiritual practice for the whole cycle. Love, love, LOVE! This cycle we received Broom Tea along with an aromatherapy spray and were instructed to spray the infusion on the end of a broom. Then working around the top and bottom edges of each room, we swept away cobwebs and debris. I know from past dream work that cobwebs are associated with choices and how they affect our lives and the lives of those around us. During this cycle, I also found myself drawn to the now naked tress. Having let go of their leaves, they remind me so of brooms.

During this cycle I started the 100 Mandala challenge – thankfully they don’t have to be consecutive days! I share them on Facebook along with whatever comes to mind as I work on them or whatever they reveal to me when they are completed.

I also decided that I would take an online retreat for Advent and Christmas offered by Abbey of the Arts. I have enjoyed prior offerings and they do not disappoint! So fruitful! The events of this year have left me exhausted so the idea of Sacred Time really appealed to me. (Funny how, now that the year is almost at an end, I am finally “getting” this year of simplicity and self care!)   The first week we talked about sacred pauses…Dawn, Day, Dusk and Dark. Dusk is the hardest and most challenging pause for me. The reminder to slow down is not always welcome as there always seems to be so much yet to do. I am finally starting to remember dream fragments at Dawn but I seem most at home in Dark these days….luscious darkness!

In this second week, we are exploring Sabbath Time – of dedicating an entire day to rest. Wow! What a concept! Lol… an ancient one at that! SO challenging! And yet, SO rewarding.

Speaking of snake skin (outgrown), cobwebs (ways of being/doing) and doorways (an actual doorway in a dream accompanied by an image of my child-self), the first dream I can recall during this retreat yielded such healing as I came to realize that a way of being I started in childhood as a comfort is no longer good or healthy for me at this pointing my life.

Transformation took on a totally different character for me this year. It is not so much the high energy and excitement of immediate and total transformation that one might expect in this cycle, but one of making space through moments of quiet creativity, sacred pauses and Sabbath Rest. In Sabbath mode we are finally and completely at rest, softened, unguarded, open, receptive. When honored and kept, Sacred Pauses and Sabbath Rest create those, to use an Advent term, “desert places” in our lives and open the door for the word of God to come, however it may come to us – a word of healing, of hope, of purpose, of being cherished, treasured and loved… a word that is meant only for us in that moment… a word that truly transforms like no other.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

Lynn xoxxx 😉

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