Virgo New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Virgo New Moon Lunation
September 9, 2018
Shine the Light

There’s nothing quite like the Virgo cycle to put one’s “house” in order.  Whether it’s focusing on healthy habits (the body, home of our spirit), reorganizing and tidying one’s home (a place where one lives) or re-prioritizing one’s schedule (our home in humanity), it is in the nature of this earth-sign to encourage us to be our best… to give our best… to put our best foot forward.

At this time of year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, nature, too, invites us inward.  The light lessens… the darkness comes earlier and earlier… temperatures are cooling and we are challenged to pull back… to move inward – truly a naturally, feminine time of year.  Sometimes self-compassion is in order for our bodies, home and schedules to recover from all the do-ing, for when we are at our best, the tank is filled, the light shines from deep within and we can better serve ourselves and those around us.


The Mandala

If this mandala were drawn by me I would interpret it this way…

There are for me three figures: the light that streams from the center, and 4 triangles anchored by a golden ring.

The light rays speak to me of Spirit and Light… radiating from the center, a light that comes from darkness…from nothing-ness or No-thing-ness.  As the fall equinox is recognized and celebrated during this lunation cycle, this grouping of 8 could symbolize specific points in the year…solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days.  Along with the Fall Equinox we are encouraged to move toward Feminine time and the land of Be-ing, so I decided to move away from the yellows of Spring and Summer – the bright yellow of Do-ing – in favor of the soft, golden light of autumn and Be-ing – the no pressure kind of Be-ing.

For the four triangles, I chose elemental colors – red for fire, green for earth, silver for air and light turquoise for water.  Bound by the golden ring – gold, a precious metal associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom –  a circle that binds them together and never ends. These twelve points (4 triangles x 3 points each) speak of totality – of all that is on the earthly plane.  Along with the four quadrants, this combined symbol speaks to me of an ongoing, never-ending rotation of cycles and seasons.  Though the seasons change…the light, the central focus, remains constant and the circle makes room for the light to shine.

For the background color I chose yellow-greens – Chartreuse, olive green, Kelp green – color of the spectrum for Virgo. I have for a long time associated olive green with Divine Mother qualities.   The trees and the grass in my area are in the early stages of moving toward these golden greens before their true colors are revealed.


The Month

As for me, I underwent a Gut Fix protocol this cycle with great results.  I feel great! And the scale is finally moving in the right direction. Now to slowly begin integrating foods back into my diet to see what my body can and cannot truly tolerate.

I’ve been working through my home, getting rid of things that no longer serve me and have been contemplating what’s next for me – how I might serve now that empty nest is well established. In addition, I was moved by all those affected by all of the out of control waterworks this fall and was fortunate to be able to assist them in my own way.  To help me recognize that “enough is enough” I have put a timed candle on my mantle.  It lights up when the sun goes down and is a signal to me that the day is done and it is time to rest.  No more do-ing!

Thanks to Donna Iona Drozda and the Progress Without Pressure process through Wren House Studio, I was invited into an interesting review of my life and of the past year and to contemplate the kind of seeds I might plant for next spring’s growth.  A life saving process this has been for me! I find myself in much better spirits as last fall I was so exhausted I had no motivation to do anything.  Truly FLC syndrome (feel like crap.) If you could use a lifeline… a simpler way to live… to be…  the next 8 day challenge is coming up on October 15-24.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Until next time, take good care!
Much Love,
L xoxxx

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