Virgo New Moon Mandala

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

2015 Virgo New Moon Mandala © Lynn Keefer

2015 Virgo New Moon Mandala © Lynn Keefer

New Moon in Virgo
September 11, 2015
I Analyze

Funny…I started this cycle “behind” and I’m ending this cycle feeling “behind” due in large part to my commitment to organizing the booster effort for my daughter’s high school volleyball team – the main focus of my life of late. I wake up thinking about volleyball…much of my day is often spent doing something for volleyball – whether booster related or attending a match. I fall asleep many nights thinking about volleyball, the concerns of the day, or finding ways to make a process or event more successful.  I was able to catch up with a friend on Friday and asked, “So what are you up to these days?” Her response could have just as easily been mine… she is for her family right now – taking care of them, doing what is important to them, getting them from point A to point B, helping to keep the calm in stressful situations – and was almost apologetic about it – as if to say I’m not really doing anything right now…and yet she – we are so fortunate to be able to choose the most loving thing in this moment: To freely give of ourselves to the needs of others as they present themselves to us.

2015 Virgo New Moon Mandala © Lynn Keefer

2015 Virgo New Moon Mandala © Lynn Keefer

The Mandala

Once again, Sandra has created a powerful image for us this cyle…. yet softer with an “as within so without” feel to it – which for me is the same as “as above so below” – of bringing/birthing divine light into the world around us.

I begin with the seven tear drops which create at once the blossom that fills the circle and the central star.

  • Seven, the number of completion.
  • This image echos what I so often see in nature these days… the over growth of plant life – of growing beyond it’s prime and at the same time developing seeds for the next growing season. This configuration asks: What have we out grown? And/or, What light will we endeavor to bring into the world next spring?

Intersecting the light and the blossom is a four-pointed star also known as the Star of Bethlehem or the natal star. This star represents Jesus’ birth and the purpose for which he was born. I receive a daily meditation from Fr. Richard Rohr through the Center for Action and Contemplation.

This excerpt from a recent sharing:

“For Christians, the map of Jesus’ life is the map of Everyman and Everywoman: divine conception, ordinary life, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. In the end, it all comes full circle, and we return where we started, but now transformed. Jung saw this basic pattern repeated in every human life, and he called it the Christ Archetype, “an almost perfect map” of the whole journey of human transformation. Jung’s notion of an Archetype or Ruling Image can help us understand a “Corporate Personality” or the “Universal Stand In” that Jesus was meant to be.”

The star in this mandala asks: What light have we been sent into the world to share? Are we fulfilling that purpose? Are we connected and listening to the light within that guides us to our purpose?

There are two concentric circles in this mandala – one at the outer edge and one encircling the central figures. These circles support the feeling of “as within/above, so without/below.”

There are an additional four overlapping circles which create mandorlas – Italian for almond shapes – in a cruciform or cross-like fashion. From

The circles symbolize interacting but complementary opposites. The space within the overlap is the place in which we are called to “remain,” the “liminal space” Richard Rohr speaks of. This is the place where you arrive after you leave one room and have not yet entered another. In this place, you are living on the threshold and this requires faith. All transformation takes place in liminal space.

Again we find two squares in a familiar position to one another that always suggest to me the idea of change and of turning the world on it’s ear – something that rocks the world or perhaps rocks our world.

Most eye catching to me are the two hexagons – one within the interior circle and the other between the edges of both circles. I just looked up the symbolism from one of my favorite symbolism sites and I just have to laugh– eye catching indeed! I usually glean wisdom from Avia’s website Here, from another of her sites, she writes:

The meaning of six is both delicate and mammoth as it walks into the realm of cosmic creation. We see this most evidently in the texts of the ancient Pythagoreans, who were legendary numerologists of their day (and otherwise).

…the number six aligns with the Cube, Hexagon, and Hexagram.

Each of these shapes is created from perfectly equal parts. This mirrors the underlying meaning of six as a symbol of perfect union, and the energetic emblem of soulful integration.

I rather like the simplicity nature provides in our understanding of number six through the symbolic language of bees. Their labyrinth-like homes are neatly formed hexagons.

Visually, the meaning of six illustrates… an eye – reminding us that divine sight sees no error for divine eyes see with love.


The Month

The key phrase for the Virgo cycle is I Analyze:

verb, examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information, typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation.

My first born was born in the sign of Virgo. Just out of college, he recently accepted a job as a software support analyst in New York City.   He will make a great analyst!

As for me, my ascendant is in Virgo. I seem to analyze EVERYTHING! But really, I analyze to death the things that catch my eye, that pique my curiosity. I look at it from every possible angle, position, and direction. My husband has often asked me to get interested in the stock market! I just laugh and say, “It doesn’t work that way.” Lol… I tear apart whatever captivates me to see how it works…how it functions. If living, how it is born, how it lives, how it procreates, how it dies. I connect dots of common messages and discern meanings and focal points. I listen to the suffering of those I love and try to discern its root cause. In any case, and more specifically, (moon in Pisces) I ask: What does this mean? What spiritual significance does this have? What is God saying?

On Facebook this cycle I shared that God was continuing to teach and delve even deeper into Cicada. My favorite image from this cycle was an empty cicada exoskeleton.   Back split open, the mature Cicada was now free to sing its song of love, and I asked: What holds us back?  What do we need to shed to be able to sing our love song more freely?

One of the earmarks of Virgo is service. As this cycle began, the preparation for the volleyball booster season was done, it was time for us to pull together for the greater good.   In the dark of this new moon we came together to provide concessions for our first of three tournaments. Since then, we have had several fundraisers and provided food for the second tournament. These funds will pay for uniforms, equipment, a banquet, and senior scholarships and needs of the team.

Another prominent Virgo personality trait is body image.   This cycle presented challenges to the good and healthy habits I had established this past summer in the care of my body. Grocery shopping on Monday is a keystone habit for me! If that doesn’t happen the week often flounders. The struggle I’m experiencing is rooted in this feeling of overload – of being out of balance. Gratefully this responsibility is just for one short season. I am looking forward to letting it go, most grateful for having had the experience.

As this Virgo cycle winds down I find myself being invited back into my former life – but changed, softer, more forgiving, less demanding of outcomes and more willing to be with what “is.” Invitations to play and sing, absent from my calendar in recent months, are now slowly coming in.   And the first general meeting for the prayer shawl ministry will be on Thursday. I marvel at how God orchestrates and takes care of everything – including my schedule. I’m looking forward to more balance in my life. More of that to come, I’m sure, next cycle! 😉

Love, Hugs and Blessings,