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Money Cow

My Cash Cow

Cash Cow
n. A product or service that provides a steady, dependable source of funds or income.

My cash cow, dressed in a bow tie, usually sits on my desk; a daily reminder of the abundance of the universe and the connection between the quality of my work or service and a steady flow of income. This month he sits on my Taurus altar as a playful symbol of financial prosperity.

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Today is national “Stamp Out Hunger” day, the day the mail carriers pick up food donations along their routes. It coincides nicely with our annual activities in preparation for the hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 1. Every spring we purchase enough bottled water and a variety of canned foods to get us through at least 2 weeks in case of an emergency. Aside from the tuna and salmon, most of what we stock up on is not our usual fare. So, whatever we haven’t used over the course of the year, we put out for our mailman to pick up.

While going through the pantry yesterday filling the giveaway bag and making a list of item to be restocked, I was marveling at the 1st Quarter timing and how good the flow of energy felt.  I realized the value of it as an affirmative action — this routine activity eliminates waste, ensures my family’s future needs, and helps to feed the hungry. Today I am grateful that I have enough to share. I’m grateful for my work and for the cash that continues to flow.

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The Gibbous phase is about refining the New Moon’s intentions to align with reality. My intention was to reassess and redevelop my resources while cultivating a lighter perspective and engaging my sense of humor.

In my New phase post, I noted that this lunation cycle is highlighting my 1st House. So far this cycle and quite by accident, I discovered an aspect of my persona that I have undervalued as a resource and another that needs redirection in order for me to loosen up. Now I begin the process of looking at my experiences thus far through the cycle and seeing how I can use them to support my goals.


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