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The Taurus cycle’s focus is on personal resources and the Last Quarter phase emphasizes knowing what serves your needs best and being grateful for it.

I am grateful for my physical body, which despite years of unhealthy habits continues to support my activities. I am grateful for David and for my family. I’m grateful for my living space, for having my material needs met, and for the peaceful outdoor space I am able to enjoy.


3rd Quarter activities nourished my body, mind, and soul.



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Letting go of fear of lack. Thankfully this gets easier every year. The universe seemed to be testing me with a couple of unexpected and sizable cash outlays this cycle. With barely a hesitation, I wrote out the checks — feeling secure and grateful to have the necessary funds.

The end of this cycle brings with it an awareness that I am my most valuable possession and aside from my physical body, my primary assetts are intangible and there is no need to fear their loss.



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