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The New Moon in Taurus on May 6 was in the 1st House of my natal chart, directing my attention to issues of my very early childhood, my physical body, including my appearance, health and vitality, as well as my persona, how I begin things, and how I imprint my immediate environment.

The “Mirror Work” I did last cycle was productive in unexpected ways and provides me with a place to begin. Part of that exercise was listing the personality traits that developed as a result of my heredity, the denial of which previously had kept me from seeing any of the attendant behaviors, negative or positive. Having looked at and released the past, I can now consider the more positive personality traits as the resources they are.

My Taurus ascendant (rising sign) is initially resistant to change. Fortunately, I’m adaptable to most situations. Once committed though, I can be relentlessly persistent. I’m told I have a grounding presence. I certainly enjoy my creature comforts, and yet am quite practical when it comes to prioritizing needs.  The tendency to worry about my fiscal security is an unproductive trait I’d like to reframe into something more positive.


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During the Crescent phase, which is about committing to one’s vision, I set my altar for the cycle with things that attracted me visually during the New phase.  My intention for this Taurus lunation cycle is to reassess and redevelop my resources while cultivating a lighter perspective and engaging my sense of humor.

My Crescent phase plan is to nurture my intention by taking small and discerning steps in a variety of realms to improve my self-sufficiency.

  • Physically, I’ll monitor my diet more carefully, add 10 minutes of movement to my daily routine, and brighten the fuchsia streak in my hair.
  • Materially, I’ll spend this cycle following Carl Richards’ (AKA The Sketch Guy) advice of becoming aware of my expenditures, by taking 3 seconds after each purchase to say to myself, “Hmmm, $(fill in the blank) for (fill in the blank), isn’t that interesting?”
  • Metaphysically, I’ll spend more time appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds me and I’ll “adopt the pace of nature”, having patience in the knowledge that some seeds take a long time to sprout.

Speaking of seeds, the seed pods on the Plumeria tree I journaled about last March, finally began to open, their seeds scattering with the winds. I picked the last unburst pod on Monday and on Tuesday it opened displaying its seeds.

Plumeria with Seed Pods

Plumeria with Seed Pods



Plumeria flowers & seeds

What’s your intention and plan of action for this cycle?

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