Distribution Day

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days


Good Morning Yellow Tree. Good Morning Rainbow.
Good Morning Earth and Sky. Good Morning World

Numerologically, my personal year in 2015 is a 9.  Knowing 2015 is a year of release and 2016 a year of new beginnings, I made the intention on my last Solar Return to walk the wheel of this year, my 70th walk, as consciously as possible. I want to engage life as fully as possible as I enter this new phase of my life journey.   

I had thought I wouldn’t begin posting in this journal until my 70th birthday. Yet, today, as I enter the Disseminating phase of my Solar Return year, I realize it’s time to share what I have learned since September 1, 2014.

  •  I don’t know what I’m doing.
  • I vacillate between feeling stressed and blessed.
  • I question my need for my activities, in addition to whether or not my activities serve the needs of others.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing.

What a surprise to discover that my intention of moving through 2015 with a heightened sense of consciousness has served to highlight my state of confusion. Bottom line… I am aware of how clueless I am at this moment. I believe, at this point, there is nothing left except surrender. I think that’s appropriate for a 9 year with transiting Neptune opposite my Sun.