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November 8, 2016

Early Sunday Morning takeaways:

From the Sunday newspaper: “Weirdos have value.”

From Hali Karla; “Take the creative risk.” & “Notice it. Name it. Work with it!

I honor my creative practice by making it sacred.

I understand that nature is the root of all things.

I am a part of the natural world.

I honor the creativity of nature by respecting myself, others, the environment, the world and everything upon it.


Bear Medicine & Bonus reading Nature.

Nature puts you in the moment — Power is in the moment. (I recognize this as a Huna teaching, as well)

What is courage? Who embodies it? Where am I in relationship to courage?

It takes courage to face fear. It takes courage to go within!

November 9, 2016

It took courage to watch the election results last night. I went to bed in a state of shock.

Fortunately, I had set today aside to play tour guide. After yesterday’s contemplation, I decided it would be good to tune into nature. I took our guests to all my special sacred places: the Byodo-In temple, the gorgeous drive up the windward coast from Kaneohe to Kahana, all my favorite beaches and botanical spots.

It was seven blissful hours of grounding energy. I am so happy that I spent this day sharing the things I love, looking at lush verdant landscapes, mountain peaks and ocean vistas.


At the temple, my prayers rang out with the bell and I returned home with the courage I needed to face the future with some amount of grace.


November 10th, 2016

Notes on Courage from this morning’s RELATE Contemplation prompts and practice:

Hali’s phrase – Being centered in mystery. Love it!

Why I need courage. I need courage to do what’s right, courage to take a risk, courage to live in the moment, courage to share my truth.

And how does this relate to my practice and my prayer painting?

Skulls and skeletons are symbols of mortality and the spirit world. I see them stark white in the painting and reaffirmed with a scratchy white-wash of stenciled words, like courage, respect and wisdom.

Today my imagination is active and my mind is at rest.


November 11, 2016

Following my own advice for the Gibbous phase, to put some symbolic imagery of my renewed vision into a tangible form, I posted the last Sunny’s Day’s entry with graphics.

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