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moonI Respect My Instinct and My Intuition.

November 5, 2016

Notes from my current contemplative practice:


is to look back upon with admiration.

Respect is giving…

It is an activity of gratitude.

Honoring life, spirit, and wisdom.

To honor is to recognize worthiness.
To appreciate the gift given in sacred spirit so the continuum can go on.

We RESPECT our ancestors and the wisdom they have to offer.

buzmedicineThe small leather medicine bag on my Scorpio Altar belonged to my friend and mentor, the late Buz Myers. A Scorpio.

Respect is imperative in my all of my relationships.

Therefore I ask my ancestors and guides to assist me to become more respectful of “All My Relations.”

Who are my Ancestors and how do they show up in my prayer painting?

Today I posted on Donna Drozda’s Lifecyle Blog, Pervading Influences, in response to her words, “On the trail we are creating a space for those of us who are moved to stand for rather than against. Together we travel through the scared spaces. We practice remembering that scared turns to sacred as we shift the way we ‘c’.”

It reminded me that I entered this cycle with the intention of broadening and deepening my contemplation practice and the beauty of how her Lifecycle work and my Moon Phase work has kept me pretty much “On-Time and In-Balance” for the last 20 years.

If respect was a bird, I think it would be a Crow.


Intelligence of the nature of cause and effect. How to move forward based on previous knowledge.

Out of respect, I asked and was given permission by two other soul-sisters to include them in my prayer painting as surrogates for those who suffer the pain of parenthood and those who suffer loneliness.

November 6, 2016

I Respect my Instinct and my Intuition. Thank you Auntie Moon (Day 8)

Note to self for the October Lunar cycle recap: document emails written, social media posts and calendar events since September 30th.

Today I cleaned house in readiness for company. I turned my studio into the guest room and made preparations for continuing my practice and prayer painting amidst anticipated disruption.


The prayer painting is calling for Red, for the tarot card #13 Death, and heart shapes.


November 7, 2016

Today is a “Pause Day” in my new practice. Our house guests explored the North Shore, which gave me time to work on my prayer painting outside on the lanai. The weather is living up to the expectations of paradise.

Although I wrote in the new names and added my touches of red, the hearts, and the Death card, I discovered I wasn’t quite as prepared as I’d thought and made a list of things I need to add to my portable studio.

The gift of the today’s pause is the vision of a Guest Book. I envision getting it made in time for our guests to sign it before they depart for home.

Following the advice I wrote for the Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal entry for the 1st Quarter Phase, tomorrow I’m taking our guests on a tour of some of my favorite places on the island. Sacred spaces, where I can feel nature and humanity at their best and make prayers for peace and prosperity.hearts

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