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20160905virgonmaltarimg_3463Another Spin of the Wheel


September 5, 2015
Virgo lunation cycle
Crescent Phase
Virgo Sun
Scorpio Moon

I’ve been talking about this New Moon since I started this blog. It was a Solar Eclipse and it was at the degree of my Sun. The only other time a Solar Eclipse has occurred on my birthday was September 1, 1997. I remember that birthday well.

David and I were facilitators at Buz Myers 7-Day Intensive on Astrology, Lunar Cycles, Medicine Wheels, and the healing Arts in Stuart, Florida. Based on the astrological configurations of the time, he had named the conference theme, Re-birthing the Goddess and a ritual was planned. Since it was my birthday, I was asked if I’d be a surrogate for the Goddess during a re-birthing ceremony at the time of the eclipse.

Wow! A birthday celebration to remember.

There was a large medicine wheel set up in the ballroom. I walked it 52 times; once around with gratitude for each year I’d lived on earth, then I walked out to the beach with about a dozen witnesses who had managed to stay up for the midnight event. Two ceremonial midwives entered the Atlantic Ocean with me and facilitated my re-birthing.

The water was warm and I was being held safe and secure in the arms of the Universe.


Drawings from Donna Drozda‘s journal.





It never occurred to us that we might be shark bait.

Four months later David and I quit our day jobs, left New York, and headed for unknown possibilities in Hawaii. When I compare the two Solar Return charts, It’s easy to see the abrupt change of life direction with Uranus on my 10th House Cusp in 1997.


This year’s eclipse with transiting Saturn (8th) square transiting Neptune (11th) and making a T-square to my natal Sun (5th) is a little more difficult to read. Saturn is involved, so it will likely play out more slowly and Neptune tends to make things illusive. None-the-less, I expect to see big changes in our life over the next 2 years.

Last year I made a ritual of walking the wheel 70 times and changed my nickname to Sunny. It was inspirational and uplifting.

This year I had one of the most uncomfortable Solar Returns I can recall. I felt grouchy and bitchy all afternoon and evening. We were in between Hurricanes Madeline and Lester. Although neither one materialized the tension in the air was tangible.

I took a shower during the exact time of my solar return — 10:52 pm HT on the 31st. My Solar Return this year was actually 15 minutes before the New Moon giving it a very old or Balsamic energy and the need to purify as the New cycle begins. Thus the idea of a meditation in the shower. Maybe it would wash away the old. I went to bed right after my shower and slept fitfully with hurricane and other dreams of devastation. Unusual for me.  I’m blaming it on the eclipse energy.


Birthday Selfie September 1, 2016



Sunny’s Birthday Heart

Last month I had Five Hearts on my installation for the Leo cycle. I bought this glass art heart in July as an early birthday gift for myself. It sits with a single candle representing the One Heart that encompasses the four chambers or hearts within.

It’s always fun to do a Tarot reading for the new year. Auntie Moon offered this spread for the New Moon. I used the Gian Tarot. Maybe the seeds planted and the gifts received will extend beyond the lunation cycle and into the solar cycle.


The gift of this Eclipse: Guardian of Fire — “I Spark Creativity in others while tending to my own creative flame.”

The Seed planted: Ten of Water — “I have given my best and can rest assured that love will continue to flow.”

Today I finished reading “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. Subtitled, “Your Guide to a Whole Hearted Life.” In the book she discuses 10 Guideposts for living a whole hearted life. I was surprised to find that I have already worked with at least nine of them successfully. Each guidepost has a “letting go” line. Not that we are ever able to fully let go of these things, as much as work to become conscious of them and the hold they can have on us.


I find it humorous that this book was so inspiring to me as it is so basic. There is nothing new in it that I didn’t already know. However, it is what she said about shame that spoke most to me. She says we have to own our feelings of shame; we have to tell our stories, or at least write about our shame to develop beyond it. This resonates with my desire last July to write short stories from my childhood about being an outsider.

“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.” ~ Brene Brown

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