October’s Message for 2017

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11th Hour Considerations

2016 Libra Lunation Cycle
September 30 – October 29

October 29, 2016
I didn’t journal this cycle. The month was spent regaining my balance and readjusting to September’s surprises.

Notes from my XLC session with Donna Drozda on Ocotober 4, 2016,

October, the 11th month, gives a glimpse of the coming calendar year. 2017 will be the 2nd year of my current cycle. My personal number reduces to a 2. It is reduced from both 11 & 20. Use this month to gain a deeper understanding of the roots of my #2 life purpose of being here to connect and commune, #11 bringing light or a lightness to every situation and #20 which aims at the wise use of time. Note what each day brings.

Using Tarot cards and imagery for inspiration:


From the Gaian Tarot

Gaian Tarot Cards by Joanna Powell Colbert


From the Medicine Woman Tarot Deck

The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck by Carol Bridges

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