Remembering To Be Grateful

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2016-17-CapricornBuilding within the boundaries of Capricorn.

2016-17 Capricorn Lunation Cycle
December 29, 2016 – January 26, 2017

“This is the cycle for learning to work within the rules and boundaries to achieve your goals.  Use it to structure your assets to fulfill your current needs and to assure future growth and mobility.” ~ Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

January 11, 2017
Gibbous phase

My intention set at the beginning of this cycle was to focus on nurturing the seeds I planted last year at the beginning of my 70th decade. Refined my intention to “Use this month to determine what I need to support my growth and success from now through 2014, with the priorities of taking care of my health and developing my assets”.

Sunset January 10, 2017 Halawa Heights, Hawaii

Sunset January 10, 2017 Halawa Heights, Hawaii


January 18, 2017
Disseminating phase

I am certainly experiencing the restrictions associated with this cycle. Everything around me feels like a “No Go” situation. My computer monitor died while Mercury was retrograde. David completed the work on the Hawaii calendar but it failed to save. My eye glasses broke, then my foot. Calendar complete for the 2nd time but there was a mix-up about the password to access the server and now David’s computer has died. Obviously, it is time to chill.

Rainy Day January 21, 2017 Halawa Heights, Hawaii

Rainy Day January 21, 2017 Halawa Heights, Hawaii


January 26, 2017
Balsamic phase

Celebrating the birth of my younger daughter 54 years ago today.

I’ve been amazed by the flood of messages we’ve received since announcing the uncertainty of the Moon Phase Calendar’s future.  The number of people who have taken the time to write with their gratitude and offers of support is deeply moving. I end this cycle meditating on my gratitude for all the love and encouragement that has been sent my way throughout the month. Looking forward to the Chinese New Year of the Rooster.


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