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Recalling My Intentions

The purpose behind creating my lunation cycle installation each month is to provide me with a space where I can center myself throughout the day and reinforce my intentions for the cycle.

These items are sitting on the right side (sending side) of my altar.


The Portable Universe is a children’s board book featuring the moon as a character. It explains in simple terms what science has to say about the Moon, its significance for earth, and how it appears to change in the sky. I purchased it many years ago with my grandchildren in mind, then kept it for myself. Here it reminds me of my aspirations to teach and write about the 8-Phase lunation cycle. The quartz crystal serves to focus my energies on manifesting my goals.



The Patience card sits in front of the book and the crystal. It says this time is full of mystery, like the hours just before dawn. The seeds have been planted and now it’s time to let nature take its course. It reminds me to be attentive and patient in the moment and to follow the phases of the Moon while I wait.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.06.20 PMMy interactions with others over the last few days combined to have me revisit my goals for the last year. I reviewed my posts from my last birthday, the first of this year and again in early April  where I’d declared my intention at the beginning of each cycle. The verbiage was slightly different each time, but the theme has been well defined – to gain clarity about where I AM in my life’s journey and what I want to do next. Knowing that all the signs say I’ll likely remain unclear until sometime in early 2017, it’s been my repeated intention to make the best of this liminal time by learning how to live in it with the faith that I will have a clearer understanding of my direction sometime next year.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.07.00 AMThis has been an unusually productive cycle. I have written pages in my journal about family and feelings, along with teaching notes and story ideas. Writing about “The Outsider” card was comforting to my inner-child and deepened my understanding of how my early life experiences serve me today, positively and negatively. The process of using my word cards from the last cycle as writing prompts has been fun, leading me to try my hand (so far unsuccessfully) at writing a six word story.

I realized (by having my words repeated to me) that I’m living in three different worlds; the outer world, my inner world, and a third mysterious in-between world. This in-between world can best be described as a surreal space between fantasy and reality. A world in stasis. A world furnished, yet empty. A world  of vision, defined by shadows. A world of promise waiting for me to cross the threshold and commit to becoming a permanent inhabitant.


Pursuing shadows through windows of light.

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