Working the 2021 Taurus Lunation Cycle

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

Feeling somewhat shy about posting the photo of my monthly bookcase altar. Taurus is my Rising Sign and I find that I tend to take things a bit more personally when it’s being transited. I posted something similar during the Taurus cycle 5 years ago.

My Holy Cow

The quote below is from that 5-year old post:

Holy Cow

My holy cow usually resides on a shelf with a few other stuffed friends. Sometimes I use him as a pillow for a power nap. He belonged to Trish, my late mother-in-law. I kept him after her passing as a memento of her joyful spirit and dubbed him my holy cow in her honor. She was my spiritual mentor for almost fifty years and a true believer in the abundance of the universe. She gave continuous thanks that she always had enough to meet her needs and more. He sits on my Taurus altar to remind me of my spiritual values, to have a joyful attitude, to relax and enjoy the bounty of the universe.

My intention for this Taurus cycle is to focus on my spiritual values to stay grounded and hold space for the cycle to develop. Patience, trust, and appreciation, will be my centering words. The symbolism is enhanced by the little clay pot holding a feather, as I am trusting that during this time my well will fill and I will have what I need to communicate peace and beauty effectively.

My Medicine Wheel for 2021 Taurus Lunation Cycle

This is based on Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel with 4 extra stones to mark the cross quarter directions and emphasize the 8-phases. I choose the Septarian stone as the center because in addition to its metaphysical properties, this piece reminds me of the planet Uranus currently in the zodical sign of Taurus. It is polished on one side and the other side is surprisingly rough and split open like a geode exposing tiny sparkling crystals. This Septarian piece was purchased at The Lemuria Crystal Shop.