2018 Venus Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde

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October 5 – November 16, 2018

The Venus Retrograde cycle is the least frequent of the planets. You can read more about the cycle of Venus in our article Morning Star – Evening Star.

Venus, the goddess of beauty and abundance, can be a bit obsessive in Scorpio, giving a tendency for overindulgence. However, Venus Retrograde always asks us to turn within and examine our values, thus providing us the opportunity to explore the depths of our feelings and transform or remove psychological blocks to intimacy. The last two times Venus gave us this opportunity was during the last quarters of 2010 and 2002.

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Indications for each sign during the Venus Retrograde Period.
We recommend reading the paragraphs for both your Sun and Rising sign. 

Attractions, sexual or otherwise, may be unwanted altogether or unappreciated because they are practical rather than emotional. Set firm boundaries. Be cautious about getting in too deep while the retrograde is in effect. Question your need to be in control.


Everything seems to be going in reverse with your ruling planet in retrograde motion. Your affections are diminished, your resources drained and your values questioned. Forces are especially at odds with your relationships moving forward. The mutual attraction is definitely there, but for complex reasons the feelings are not or cannot be expressed. Best advice: wait this period out.


Work doesn’t offer the usual rewards. Something is amiss with your daily activities. Your dissatisfaction with the lack of credit you receive on the job can make your coworkers uneasy. Look closely at what you can do to improve the situation. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your work and health routines.


Social situations take on a deceptive air and lack the spontaneity necessary for them to be amusing. Romance at this time suggests more demands than pleasure. Children may be ultra sensitive, taking everything you say as an attack on their identity. Look within to seek answers for why you no longer seem to have the fun you desire or can find the joy in creative expression.


This is the time to tune in to your emotional needs. Assess your resources at the most basic level. You may find out you are your own best friend. Family relationships will improve with some thought given to the motivational needs of others, especially of those who live with you.


This is a good period to work on the inner you. A self-improvement workshop can build self esteem. Get to know others, especially siblings and neighbors and learn about their needs. Instead of looking for personal compliments, hand them out to others.


It’s hard to feel appreciated with your ruling planet in retrograde motion. You need emotional reassurance from others now, preferably in the form of small gifts, and are disappointed when they are not received. You may feel left out or be prey to unfounded fears and anxieties because of a lack of money.


You’ll need to keep a mirror handy to double check your appearance. Others may not agree with you about the effect of the current style you’ve adopted. Shyness, coming from uncertainty about your presentation, makes you shrink from meeting new people.


Where you are usually the life of the party, you may withdraw into yourself feeling inadequate and misunderstood. Refuge may be found in sleep where sweet dreams of humorous repartee can come to life once the retrograde is over.


Friendships and organizational associations lack enjoyment. Misunderstandings occur at the drop of a hat. Female friends especially, appear unappreciative of your finer qualities and may leave you behind while pursuing a new interest. Be watchful that you’re not projecting your feelings of dissatisfaction onto others.


Public appearances aren’t in your favor during this period. Either you stand unnoticed in someone else’s shadow or the spotlight is on your shortcomings rather than your achievements. This is be a good time to polish up your public persona in preparation for a presentation when Venus goes direct.


You may be feeling like a stranger in a strange land during this Venus retrograde transit. You have questions about the validity of your goals, your knowledge, your beliefs, your basic philosophy of life. None of those things hold the charm they once had. Worse, you may be feeling discriminated against for having had them in the first place.


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