Cancer Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: July 7 – 11

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

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Cancer lunation cycle, Crescent phase

July 7 – 11
This is the phase in the cycle for committing to your vision. The quality of the commitment you make during this period will be reflected in the results of the Last Quarter phase.

Three steps to a making a successful commitment:

  1. Gather detailed information relative to your goal. Consider what you have and what you need to manifest your intentions?
  1. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with trusted friends and family.
  1. Lay out a clear plan of action.

What do you need to feel secure enough to step out on your own? Before you can truly commit, you must answer that question. You may have to look beneath the surface for the information you need. Your own psychology has habit patterns that support you and others that sabotage your success. Which patterns need to be developed and which abandoned?

July 7 – 9 Moon in Virgo
Focus on noticing your feelings and responding with the techniques you have developed to lighten your mood.

Changing your daily routines to accommodate your vision can be challenging. Pick one small detail to change, rather than trying to implement a dozen. Avoid trivia; it will confuse the point.

July 10 – 11 Moon in Libra
Observe how old-fashioned ideas about relationships and social behaviors threaten to upset the emotional balance.

Where ever your family falls on the nurturing scale, they gave you the raw material for turning your emotional responses into assets. Recognize the value of your experiences.

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