Cancer Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: July 23 – 26

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160624-0655-P1330210-Moon6-Clouds-GoodWhat have you learned about mothering?

Cancer lunation cycle, Disseminating phase

July 23 – 26
This phase is about demonstrating your knowledge, sharing resources, and being open to transformation. What have you learned about your feelings since the beginning of the cycle?

What stirs up your insecurities? How does your home life affect your emotions and vice versa? Do you have a sacred space of refuge and renewal, a place where you go to nurture yourself?

Your feelings are the propelling force for the distribution of your knowledge. The energy of the Disseminating phase is fueled by physical activity. Release blockages, exchange and move energy through group activities, especially physical activities such as team sports or dancing.

July 23 Moon in Pisces
Allow your intuitive mind, rather than your rational mind, to guide an artistic expression of your feelings. Imagination stimulates creativity and is most easily communicated via music, poetry, metaphor, film, and watercolor or other painting.

Imagine being a member of a water ballet troupe and swimming in a synchronized dance that conveys a beautiful flow of emotions.

July 24 – 26 Moon in Aries
Assert yourself as a leader; take the initiative to identify and examine your feelings. Share the personal experiences that have defined you as an individual and through discussion determine what is unique to you and what you have in common with others.

Work off stress by running in the park, working out at the gym or playing a fast action ball game.

July 26 Moon in Taurus
Describe the connection between your sense of emotional security and your self-confidence. How have your feelings influenced your choice of and attachment to possessions?

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