Cancer Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: July 19 – 22

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160420-1848-P1310091-Moon5-CloudsHow do you feel about collaboration?

Cancer lunation cycle, Full phase

July 19 – 22
Interaction with others will illuminate how well you are processing your emotions. The challenge of this phase is to integrate practicality with sensitivity. Cooperation is central to achieving balance.

Arrogant words can distort reality causing a disconnect in understanding and inciting passionate reactions. Observe your emotions when listening to others. Are you able to set aside your feelings to hear what they are saying?

The Moon’s opposition to the Sun (Full Moon) is the last aspect it makes before leaving the sign Capricorn, meaning it immediately goes Void of Course for 4 hours until entering the sign of Aquarius. Check our on-line calendar in your time zone for the exact times.

July 19 Moon in Capricorn
Discussions about the structure of authority provide awareness. What are your responsibilities in your home, within your family, and for those you care about?

July 20 – 21 Moon in Aquarius
Gain insight by sharing original and progressive thoughts with friends. Eccentricities come to light, some are radical others ingenious. Listen for unusual, yet effective solutions.

July 22 Moon in Pisces
Conversations about the need for forgiveness stir deep feelings. Do you trust your intuition to maintain your balance and boundaries?

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