Capricorn Lunation Cycle, Balsamic Phase: February 4 – 7

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160108-0635-P1250736-Moon8 A time for dreaming & quiet contemplation.

Capricorn lunation cycle, Balsamic phase

February 4 – 7
Time to bring closure to what was begun during the new phase (January 9 – 12). A quick review of the last three and a half weeks will point out the material attachments that stand in the way of your success. Ask: What do I need to release? What do I choose to take with me into the next cycle?

February 4 – 6
Let go of old patterns and turn your thoughts to the future. Engage in an inner dialogue about the ways you might strengthen your foundations.

February 7
An excellent day for considering ways to modernize your public or professional image. Release restrictive ideas. Invent the future of your dreams.

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