Capricorn Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: January 27 – 31

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20150901-0700-P1190815-Moon6-CloudsWhat feelings propel your action?

Capricorn lunation cycle, Disseminating phase

January 27 – 31
Demonstrate responsibility in action. Promote your success. Share what you have accomplished this cycle and how. Focus on organization, concentration, practicality, and productivity.

January 27
Discuss the services you provide or the daily rituals that support success.

January 28 – 30
Conversations about your various relationships will assist you in gaining a broader perspective. Respecting the experience of others is different from respecting others for their authority. Work toward a balanced and fair exchange of information.

January 31
Articulate your feelings about passion and power. Share what you’ve learned about your own motivation.

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