Gemini cycle, Gibbous Phase: June 28 – July 1

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20150529-1906-P1170922-Moon4Hold your vision and trust in the outcome.

Gemini lunation cycle –  Gibbous phase

June 28 – July 1
This is the filtering & adjustment stage of the cycle. Time to look for ways to enhance and strengthen your intention. Review your patterns and consider making appropriate changes. Examine and refine your vision of the information you will need to make changes. How can you best utilize your mind? What techniques do you have at your fingertips to increase your knowledge?

June 28
Look for hidden details. Are there certain ideas that are pushing your buttons? Follow psychological motifs that may have come up. How can things be reframed?

June 29 – 30
This is an excellent time to open your mind to new possibilities. Look at your ideologies for insight. Can you see how your beliefs define your views concerning education, information, communication, and transportation? Are “myth-conceptions” interfering with the achievement of your goals?

July 1
Reorganize the details of your goal. The key to success lies in prioritizing.