Gemini cycle, Balsamic phase: July 12 – 15

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Write yourself a love letter.

Gemini lunation cycle, Balsamic phase

July 12 – 15
This is a reflective phase. It’s time to rest and dream of future possibilities. You are planting seed thoughts for the next cycle, so it’s very important to suspend doubts and worries. Still your mind. Take a breath and tune into the radiance of your higher self. Have a dialogue yourself. Journal with your non-dominant hand.

July 12 – 13
Become conscious of the communication lessons you have learned since this cycle began. Imagine taking them to a new level.

July 14 -15
Remember to nurture yourself. Respond to emotional outbreaks as a plea for comfort. Soothe feelings of insecurity with kind and gentle thoughts. Listen to music that makes you happy.