Gemini cycle, Disseminating phase: July 5-8

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Share what you know – listen for feedback.

Gemini lunation cycle, Disseminating phase

July 5 – 8
During the Gemini lunation cycle the focus is on your communication style. The Disseminating phase provides the opportunity to further process what you have learned. This is the stage in the cycle for putting yourself in circulation. Proclaim your individuality by sharing your knowledge. You’ll find others equally informative and willing to share.

July 5
What is it that makes your communication style unique?

July 5 – 6
Best to exchange information with others privately, where personal feelings can be expressed and handled with sensitivity. How would you explain the concept of unconditional love?

July 7 – 8
Show others how you have assimilated the information thus far and what that implies for the future. Describe what you’ve learned about your personal issues and needs.