Gemini cycle, Last Qtr phase: July 8 – 11

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20140719-0623-P1130111-Moon7-CloudsIntegrate old information with new.

Gemini lunation cycle, Last Quarter phase

July 8 – 11
The Last Quarter phase is the stage in a cycle when accounts are settled. Review the intention you set at the beginning of this cycle (June 16) and acknowledge the outcome of your activities since then. Decide how best to move the cycle forward to completion. Consider where you may have missed the mark and where you were spot on. Take responsibility for the quality and content of your communications. Be grateful for the information you’ve received and act on it.

July 8 – 9
Give yourself credit for what you know and have the courage to act on it. Focus on clarity in your communications. Initiate change.

July 9 – 11
Value your voice and your ability to communicate. Show appreciation for lessons learned and use them to direct your actions.