Leo Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: August 6 – 10

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160708-1928-P1330669-Moon2What builds your confidence?

Leo lunation cycle, Crescent phase

August 6 – 10
This is the phase for planning and organization. There is often a struggle to break free of the past and commit to the future. It takes courage, fortitude and total concentration.

Inventory your previous passions. Which ones gave you the greatest satisfaction? Which ones still inspire you? Which ones elicit fear? What do you need to feel secure enough to take the risk to express yourself creatively?

August 6 Moon in Virgo
The first hour of this phase sets the tone for the next 3 and a half days. The tendency to doubt and criticize can undermine your efforts. At the same time discrimination and analysis when reviewing your resources can be most effective in helping you plan.

August 6 – 8 Moon in Libra
Your shadow-side can be both a hindrance and an inspiration for creativity. Old ideas of balance and social behavior compete with the need for self-expression.

Consider your close relationships and whether or not they support your goals. Disengage from those that inhibit your creativity. Consult with those you trust regarding your intention and your needs for fulfillment.

August 9 – 10 Moon in Scorpio
Issues of power and control can provide insight. Look beneath the surface for inner resources that you may have buried due to a lack of self-confidence.

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