Libra Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: October 4 – 8

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Invest in your relationships.

Libra lunation cycle, Crescent phase

October 4 – 8
Explore your past and existing relationships, prioritizing them in terms of how much you value them. List the things about each one that makes you happy and list the things you’re missing from them that you would like to have.

The building process in relationships brings the struggle against freedom issues, accepted ideas of morality, ethical behavior, and philosophical ideals. A quest for ‘Truth’ will provide you with the resources to get past conflicts and achieve your goals.

This is an excellent time for a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, or an Osteopathic treatment.

October 4 – Moon in Scorpio
Issues regarding shared resources, sexuality, transformation, power and control cause discomfort. Be aware of hidden motivations that are influencing your behavior.

October 5 – 7 Moon in Sagittarius
Examine your past relationships with teachers and mentors for guidance. How can you apply their teachings? Be aware of how your current relationships affect your belief system and approach to the world. Do they encourage you to be open to adventure and to broaden your horizons?

October 7 – 8 Moon in Capricorn
Do you own your authority and honor your responsibility in your relationships? Consider your professional relationships. Are they based on mutual respect and admiration?

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