Libra Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: October 19 – 22

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160525-0621-p1320242-moon6-cloudsAn active body balances an active mind.

Libra lunation cycleDisseminating phase

October 19 – 22
This phase offers you the opportunity to clarify what you have learned about your ability to relate effectively. Demonstrate your capacity to stay on point, speak your truth and treat others with respect. Share your relationship experiences, both positive and negative.

This is an excellent period to let off steam and relieve stress by taking a brisk walk.

October 19 – 20 Moon in Gemini
Organize your thoughts before speaking, especially if you are taking a contrary point of view. Different relationships require varied communication styles. Give and take must be balanced when sharing information. The main point is to tell it like it is – with grace.

 October 20 – 22 Moon in Cancer
The more nurturing your words, the more success you’ll have in getting your point across. Discuss how sensitivity is an integral component of any relationship. Examine your family’s patterns of relating. Talk about your feelings.

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