Libra Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: October 15 – 18

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


“Life is a balance between rest and movement.” ~ Osho

Libra lunation cycle, Full phase

October 15 – 18
A good first step to finding balance in relationships is to practice the art of listening, which can be an amazing gift that goes both ways. This is a time when you can see yourself reflected back to you through your interactions with others.

Here’s an exercise: Pretend for these next few days that you take nothing personally, and that nothing that others say or do are meant for you to take personally.

Can you step outside yourself for a short while and observe what is taking place in your inner and outer worlds? What is the other communicating to you? What do you hear in your head while the other is relaying their message? What filters are installed and active on your receiver that might color or otherwise modify the communication?

October 15 – 16 Moon in Aries
There is much potential, but the unexpected ups the risk for overwhelm. When the desire to do it all and have it all is so great the best practice is to focus on the essential and seek out beauty.

October 16 – 17 Moon in Taurus
This is a time to work for a balance of resources. Possessiveness is at odds with the need to share. Stubborn attitudes block progress. Count your blessings and let your partners know how much you value them.

October 18 Moon in Gemini
There is a noticeable shift of energy today. Pay close attention to the people, topics and ideas that come up in conversations. Consider the appropriateness of your response — think twice before speaking your mind.

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