New Phase, Pisces Lunation Cycle

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

New Phase Mar 13 – 16

The energy of the New phase relates to sight, inner and outer. Since the whole picture cannot be seen, it can be a time of vulnerability and doubt. The function of this phase is to become aware of the intention; later there will be opportunities to revise and reorient.

Take notice of the colors that are attracting you. Look for themes in the visuals that engage you and note the patterns, shapes, and forms that inspire you. Find an image or object that symbolizes your desire and put it where you can see it daily.

More about the New Phase of the lunation cycle.

Color a Mandala for Visual Support

A Mandala is a powerful meditation device for focusing sacred intentions. I encourage you to create your own mandala or print out and color the mandala I created according to the geometric patterns prominent in the chart for the New Moon.

Mandala for the New Moon in Pisces

Download this Pisces New Moon Mandala to Color

Meditation for the Pisces New Moon

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor,

breathe deeply…

inhale Peace…

exhale Beauty…

inhale Stillness…

exhale Energy…

inhale Light…

exhale Love…

Imagine sitting in a movie theater,

being entertained by a music video while waiting for the feature film.

Swirls of color flow and blend like watercolors across the screen

synchronized to the movement of the music.

Note the colors as they dissolve melodically

and the scene transforms slowly into a place of sanctuary.

Observe the quality of this sacred space

as you imagine yourself in it.

Inhale the serenity of your surroundings

and feel the beauty of belonging.

Listen for the joyful sound of inner peace

and let it resonate within.