Sagittarius Lunation Cycle, Last Quarter Phase: December 20 – 24

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Move beyond perceived limitations.

Sagittarius lunation cycleLast Quarter phase

December 20 – 24
Time to wrap up the affairs of this cycle. Review your experiences thus far. What have you learned about your philosophy? What idea motivated you to take action? What can you do to increase your understanding of others? How can you show gratitude for what you have?

Change the structure of your beliefs to incorporate a more future oriented viewpoint. The final action of this cycle must balance your needs with others. Let your instincts guide you.

The Last Quarter Phase connects to the Crescent Phase with an emphasis on the senses of taste, touch, and smell. Focusing on one or more of the senses will aid the processing of information and decision-making.

December 20 Moon in Virgo
Pay attention to detail.

December 20 – 23 Moon in Libra
Realign your relationships in accordance with your beliefs. The charge is to be honest and ethical in your partnerships and other one-to-one relationships.

December 23 – 24 Moon in Scorpio
Shared goals and values increase intimacy and feelings of optimism for the future.

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