Scorpio Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: November 25 – 28

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Integrate feelings of loss with the awareness of corresponding growth and regeneration.

Scorpio Lunation Cycle, Full Moon Phase

Scorpio lunation cycle, Full phase: November 25 – 28
Find balance by stepping outside yourself & observe what is taking place in the world around you. How is that reflected in your inner world? This is the cycle for transforming some aspect of your psyche. During the Full phase, your interactions with others become the vehicle of enlightenment. Pay close attention. Now is the time to see what lies in the shadows

Although we are in the Scorpio lunation cycle, this Full Moon takes place across the Sagittarius – Gemini axis, suggesting that during the course of this phase you will gain insight not only to where you stand in relation to your goal for this cycle but also into the workings of the upcoming Sagittarius lunation cycle (December 10, 2015 – January 8, 2016). Take notes.

November 25 – 26
The challenge is to communicate your feelings while honoring your principles. Secrets and lies surface resulting in confusion and discomfort. Concentrate on separating fact from fiction. Awareness dawns slowly as realities are confronted. It’s really all about confronting your darker side.

November 27 – 28
Feelings run strong and deep and are not easy to express. The challenge is finding the balance point between high ideals and deeply buried feelings. You can come from a place of compassion and be sensitive to the pain of others or you can assume the role of victim and bemoan your position.

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