Scorpio Lunation Cycle, Gibbous Phase: November 10 – 14

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Your personal discoveries are valuable to others.

Scorpio lunation cycle, Gibbous phase

November 10 – 14
These few days provide the opportunity to further define your intentions for the cycle by analyzing your shared resources and rearranging your self-image to better align with your goals. Let your imagination be your guide. This is an excellent time to gain a better understanding of your identity by exploring how you express yourself through sex, death, and the sharing of resources.

Symbolic imagery put into a tangible form during the course of this phase facilitates the development of the cycle promoting a successful outcome, making it wise to give your renewed vision form. Draw a picture, take a photo, create a collage or a mind map.

November 11 – 12 Moon in Aries
Look for patterns highlighting your strengths of personality and personal gifts of expression. It’s time to initiate change. Lead the way to begin anew. Trust in your abilities to take personal action.

November 12 – 14 Moon in Taurus
Examine your relationship with intimacy for hidden wisdom. What does it mean to you and how do you establish it? How does it relate to your security and how is it reflected your life experience?

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