Gemini cycle, Crescent phase: June 19-23

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Slip into an information gathering mode.

Gemini lunation cycle – Crescent phase

June 19 – 23
Dedicate this time to collecting your thoughts. Seek information on the various ways you might manifest your intentions. Weigh conflicting theories. This is the phase to observe, absorb and plan your next moves. Root out areas of resistance. Acknowledge and break free of limiting convictions. Recognize the need for more effective communication patterns.

June 19 – 21
Have the courage to feel your emotions. How do your emotions qualify your communications? Confront your ego and apply yourself to finding a more creative approach.

June 21 – 23
Respect the body-mind connection. Be discriminating about the thoughts occupying your mind. Notice anything that doesn’t seem to fit well; examine it for value.