Taurus Lunation Cycle, Gibbous Phase: May 17 – 21

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Cloudy Gibbous Moon 20160319-1843-P1290952Review your resources.

Taurus lunation cycle, Gibbous phase

May 17 – 21
This is the redefining stage of the cycle. During these days you can increase your potential for success by seeing your goals in a new light. Consider Judith Fertig’s article True Wealth: Living a Life We Love is Real Affluence and ask yourself how much wealth you need to live a rich life.

Analyze your view of prosperity. Examine your vision of the resources you need to feel comfortable and secure. What techniques do you have at your fingertips to increase your sense of abundance?

May 17 – 18
Review your goals for this cycle with an eye to how they will affect others. Some adjustments may be necessary to keep relationships harmonious. Imagine yourself sharing your abundance with others.

May 19 – 21
Look for psychological patterns suggesting hidden needs that are unfulfilled. Reappraise your intentions and revise your vision to align with your values. Picture what drives you to success.

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