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Here’s the chart for the Libra New Moon:

New Moon in Libra
October 8, 2018

Sabian Symbol for 16º Libra:

“After A Storm A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction.”  This degree symbolizes the need to maintain steady links between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness. — from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases © 1973 Dane Rudhyar

Libra Lunation Cycle,  October 8 – November 7, 2018:

The zodiac sign of Libra equates to the fall harvest in the northern hemisphere’s annual seasonal cycle, the Full Moon phase of a monthly cycle and the sunset hours of the circadian or daily cycle; with it comes awareness and illumination. During the Libra cycle there is an emphasis on balance, harmony, peacefulness, sociability, cooperation, and fellowship.

Partnerships and all one-to-one relationships are highlighted during the Libra lunation cycle. Think back to the Full Moon in Aries (September 24 -27) for clues to what may unfold this cycle. How does your experience then relate to now? Check your calendar: who or what were you engaged with? Expect any drama in relationships at that time to come up again.

This Libra lunation cycle is about getting mental clarity on emotional issues concerning relationships and exploring the psychology behind one’s values. The major frustration of this cycle arises from impatience to get to the bottom of feelings, to understand and incorporate the energy in new ways. The stress that results becomes the basis for creative activity. Tensions are increased as communications take on the quality of a fantasy and discussions about old wounds go off on tangents.  Additionally, the desire for independence threatens the sense of stability.

Going to a concert, listening to symphonies, or playing a musical instrument will assist you to find peace during inharmonious times. Visiting art galleries or museums, taking an art history class, painting, or drawing will increase your sense of balance and serenity.

How you experience this cycle will determine the achievement of the goals you set last spring. It will also influence how you relate to others over the course of the next twelve months. Use this cycle to assert yourself dynamically and graciously. Express your feelings and avoid participating in passive-aggressive behaviors. Actualize your goals and attract worthwhile people and situations into your life by looking within for the source of your feelings.

All that has gone before brings you to this moment. Listen to the experiences of others and note how it has qualified their needs, just as your life experience has qualified yours. Look for avenues of communication and cooperation that will integrate the needs of both parties.

The planet Venus, ruler of Libra, is retrograde in Scorpio throughout this cycle, requiring an in-depth exploration of what you love. Read more about this Venus Rx and its indications for each sign.

Question your relationship with others, with money, with your work, with yourself. What intense feelings color your ability to relate and how can you integrate them into your goals? Additional questions you might explore for personal insight include:

  • How do you define beauty?
  • What things do you find easiest and hardest to share?
  • How do you regain your equilibrium when realizing you’re out of balance?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if you were to make compromises?
  • When do you feel most social?
  • What do you consider your most charming aspect?
  • How well do you listen?
  • What is your relationship with your shadow?

The energy shifts when the Sun enters the zodiac sign Scorpio on October 23. The Full phase, October 24 – 27 (Moon at 1° Taurus 13″, Sun at 1° Scorpio 13″), will provide the awareness necessary to determine what you will be addressing during the next lunation cycle beginning on November 7 with the New Moon at 15° Scorpio 11″.

Affirmation for this cycle:

My Relationships Support My Well-Being.

Quote for this cycle:

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
~Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology


More on the Zodiac sign of Libra including the astrological, tarot, medicine wheel, and miscellaneous other correspondences.

Mandala Support

A mandala is a powerful device for creating and focusing on sacred intentions. We encourage you to create and color your own mandala or print out and color our mandala based on the geometry of the Libra New Moon on October 8, 2018.


You are invited to send your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process.

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