New Moon in Capricorn, January 9, 2016

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Here’s the chart for the Capricorn New Moon:

New Moon in Capricorn

January 9, 2016

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The sign of Capricorn is associated with materialism, practicality, reality, and a sense of responsibility, it is the sign of the executive. The house that Capricorn occupies in the natal chart shows an area of life where one assumes extra responsibility and looks for respect.

An earth sign with a focus on authority, big business, government, and professionalism, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Organizational skills, the ability to focus, conservatism, and dedication to duty are Capricorn qualities that combine to support achievement. Capricorn is known for climbing to the top.

Sabian Symbol for 20 degrees Capricorn:

“A hidden choir is singing during a religious service.” This degree symbolizes individual fulfillment through social participation in service to a higher good.

Highlights of the New Moon chart at 19º Capricorn 13″:
Mercury Rx semi-square Mars:

Plans and information are inconclusive. Indecisiveness and impatience are sources of irritation.

Venus conjunct Saturn:

Feelings of loneliness or loss puts a damper on fun. Pleasure can be found in work or by giving form to a creative idea.

Mercury RX 29º Capricorn

Emphasizes the executive power to put plans into effect.

The key phrases for Capricorn are “I Use” and “I Achieve”.
Capricorn symbol: a mountain goat or a stylized sea-goat.

Our advice for this cycle:

The strength of your beliefs developed in the last cycle provides the understanding and courage necessary to remove any obstacles that are blocking your path. Capricorn correlates to Cleansing on the Medicine Wheel. Now is the time to clear the way to a successful conclusion of the annual cycle. The challenge is overcoming a sense of restriction, loneliness, rejection, and annoyance, which will only add to your frustration. We recommend working to avoid negative feelings. With Mercury retrograde, this month is an especially advantageous time to organize and manage your activities for the next three months. Be decisive, take action to set aside the time this month to produce a practical plan. Take care of your physical body, support strong bones through good nutrition and proper exercise. Treat yourself with love, beautify your workplace or do something to give yourself a beauty treatment with special care going to skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

Questions you might explore for more personal insight include:

  • What kind of a role model am I?
  • How do I govern my life?
  • Who sees me as an authority figure?
  • When do I feel most competent?
  • In what areas of my life am I most organized?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if I were a little less bossy or a little more sensitive?
  • What ideals do I hold dear and how can I give them substance?
  • In what areas of my life do I feel restricted?
  • Make lists of the people who nourished and supported you during the last year, during your adulthood, and during your childhood. What specific aspect of each of them are you most grateful?
Affirm: I am responsible for my illusions.

Tarot Symbolism

Attune to the qualities of Capricorn with a 3-minute tarot meditation on The Devil.

The Devil teaches us to see through outer appearances, to laugh at our pretensions and to take responsibility for our behavior. His message, that we are not bound by material conditions, is depicted by the chained figures whose bondage is imaginary and self-imposed. The chain loops around their necks are large enough to be lifted off. to consciousness.

Confer with The Devil when you want to overcome physical habits, obsessions or addictions.

Auntie Moon writes Capricorn is not the Devil, preferring The Tarot card #21 The World, which is usually associated with the planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Perhaps it’s a good idea to meditate on both.

Quote for this cycle:

“Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond.”
~ Khalil Gibran, (1883 – 1931) Lebanese Poet

Mandala Support

A Mandala is a powerful device for creating and focusing on sacred intentions. We encourage you to create and color your own mandala or print out and color our 2016 Capricorn Mandala.


You are invited to send your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process.

©2016 Lynn M. Keefer

©2016 Lynn M. Keefer



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