New Moon in Sagittarius, December 11, 2015

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Here’s the chart for the Sagittarius New Moon:2015-Sagittarius-New-Moon-Chart

New Moon in Sagittarius

December 11, 2015

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The sign of Sagittarius is associated with higher education, foreign travel, philosophy, and religion. The house that Sagittarius occupies in the natal chart shows an area of life where one may be preachy, opinionated, tactless, careless, indulgent, argumentative, and arrogant. It also shows the area where one is likely to be enthusiastic, frank, optimistic, congenial, clever, an independent thinker, and an inspirational speaker.

A fire sign with a focus on idealism, adventure, and spiritual growth, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. There is an emphasis on learning, exploration, social activities, humor, and the great outdoors. Issues involving ethics, morality, foreigners, foreign affairs, courts of law, judges, attorneys, literature, universities, publishing, advertising, propaganda, and international commerce become accentuated during the Sagittarius cycle.

Sabian Symbol for 20 degrees Sagittarius:

“In an old-fashioned northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer.” This degree symbolizes the foresighted use of natural resources to supply future needs.

Highlights of the New Moon chart at 19º Sagittarius 03″:
Venus trine Neptune:

Social events have a dreamy, if somewhat unusual quality. A sense of vulnerability and an exaggerated sensitivity lie under the surface of peace and serenity, stirring feelings that can lead to a wellspring of creativity or fears of victimization.

Mars opposite Uranus; quincunx Chiron; septile Saturn:

Unexpected changes take up time and energy producing tension and anxiety increasing the risk of accidents. Electric and mechanical issues are predominate. Efforts to attain understanding and healing are thwarted by self-serving actions. Patience pays off. Strange bedfellows are seductive — the attraction is a superficial diversion and will be short lived.

Jupiter quindicile Neptune:

An obsessive focus on philosophy, religion or law and refusal to see reality.

The key phrases for Sagittarius are “I seek” and “I Understand”.
Our advice for this cycle:

Apply the knowledge gained from introspection during the last cycle to seek a better understanding of yourself. There is always more to know. Explore your self-identity, self-expression, and your current state of self-realization. Sagittarius correlates to Strength on the Medicine Wheel. Strength is the ability to firmly maintain a position. There is a lot of energy this cycle aimed at achievement of dreams. The challenge is to handle frustration and impatience in ways that do not impair your health or risk your well-being. Burn excess energy with vigorous exercise. Firing up your body will spark your motivation to act. The passion and persistence available to you now are best expressed through compassionate action or your personal creative expression. Build your strength by exercising your thigh muscles, eating a diet to support your liver function, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Questions you might explore for personal insight include:

  • What are your long-range plans?
  • Who or what has influenced your belief system, inspired you, or mentored you?
  • How do you motivate and inspire others?
  • When do you feel most adventurous?
  • What does self-realization mean to you?
  • What subject would you choose to study or what country would you visit if there were no obstacles?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if you were a little less self-righteous or a little more restrained?

Make lists of the people who nourished and supported you during the last year, during your adulthood, and during your childhood. What specific aspect of each of them are you most grateful?

Affirm: Self-awareness is my strength.

Tarot Symbolism

Attune to the qualities of Sagittarius with a 3-minute tarot meditation on Temperance.


Temperance is the messenger of a simple spiritual truth – moderation is virtuous. It teaches that one is strengthened by self-restraint. It represents the act of tempering where substances are combined to form a new whole. Temperance conditions the quest for higher knowledge, offering concentration, creative energy, flexibility and adaptability as aids to direction.

Confer with Temperance to focus on a goal or to journey within to bring self-knowledge to consciousness.

Quote for this cycle:

“Something we were withholding made us weak until we found it was ourselves.”
 ~ Robert Lee Frost (1874 – 1963) American poet

Mandala Support

A Mandala is a powerful device for creating and focusing on sacred intentions. We encourage you to create and color your own mandala or print out and color our 2015 Sagittarius Mandala.

2015-Sagittarius-Mandala-Blank-WebYou are invited to send your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process.

c 2015 Lynn M. Keefer


Other Resources:

Artist, author, educator, and dear friend, Donna Iona Drozda uses solar, lunar and numerological cycles as a blueprint for living the life of a “Heartist.” Read her Lifecycle forecast for 2015. Keep up with her Lifecycle offerings and updates on her Lifecycle Blog, and be sure to subscribe to her Luna See email newsletter.

CJ Wright shares her esoteric knowledge and good lunar tidings at Her excellent video, Moon Phases and New Moon Intentions is worth watching every New Moon.

Margaret Koolman’s New Moon insights can be found at her website, Margaret writes beautifully and offers excellent counsel.

Jessica Shepherd discusses the Sagittarius New Moon through the filter of recent world events. Her advice is to, “…to see things clearly, because only then can we be effective. So wit-gather. Think critically. Make tough calls. Decide to abandon all hope and meet reality clearly. Not reality as you want it to be, but as it actually is.”

April Elliott Kent at Big Sky Astrology is excellent at putting the current cosmic conditions into relatable, practical terms. In her blog post, SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON: THINK BIG  she writes, “This New Moon, square visionary Jupiter and trine innovative Uranus, reminds us to keep thinking big—to keep dreaming bigger dreams for ourselves, and for our world.

Stephanie Gailing cautions us about the potential for over-extending ourselves this lunation cycle in her current post on the Sagittarius New Moon. Her book, Planetary Apothecary, is an excellent resource to keep on hand.

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